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Frequently asked questions


Placing a property advert

What's the deal?

Placing your basic ad is easy, just fill the form to list your property. You can try it for free.

How do I register?

Simply click "ADVERTISE!" on any property page & then fill the form.

What are Gold Ads?

Gold Ads are shown first in our listings & get up to 8 times more replies. Also, Gold Ads have Reply Credits to contact inquirers. If you are serious about selling or renting your property we recommend going Gold.

How much are Gold Ads?

See Pricing for details.

How do I upgrade to Gold?

To access more customers & to get Gold Ads & Reply Credits you should upgrade to Gold from your login pages after you have places an ad. Your payments options are also available there. Upgrade any ad in your account for full Gold messaging services for all ads in your account.

How many properties can I list?

Agents, developers, marketers & private sellers can list unlimited number of properties.

Do you accept XML feeds?

Yes. Sign up now by listing 1 property then you can send us your feed from your login pages.

Can I change / delete my ad?

After placing a classified ad you can change it, upgrade it or delete it whenever you want on 'My Ads page' after loging in.

How many pictures can I add?

You can upload 12 pictures & set an exact map.

What can I advertise?

Any classified advert which is topical is ok - we will delete any ad that abuses the system or isn't genuine. Classified ads such as 'just click my weblink' with no details will be refused. Descriptive classified ads get more responses. Ads not in English are deleted.

What is Smart Targeting?

Using advanced analytics technology, 4321 Property is designed to focus on finding genuine & motivated buyers or renters.

Where will my property be shown?

Using our own smart targeting system, we selectively advertise on search engines, social networks & other sites in over 200 countries, including those in North America & Europe. Our searchers are a mix of domestic & from overseas.

How will customers contact me?

People write messages to the classified ads which you will then be notified about by email & can access them from your login pages.

What is the Property Wanted Database?

Find & contact matching property searchers looking for a property like yours on our massive Property Wanted Database from your login pages.




Replying to a property ad

How do I contact advertisers?

To find out more details about a property simply click 'Contact Advertiser' where you see the classified ad & write a message. The advertiser will then get back to you.


What is a 'Property Wanted Alert'?

Let us find your property for you. Using our unique technology, tell us the type of property you want & we will alert owners, agents and landlords automatically. 'Property Wanted Alerts' maybe created if you contact an advertiser of create an alert. 'Property Wanted Alerts' can be deleted from your login pages. Email notification preferences can also be changed from your login pages.



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