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Most of our expat clients for luxury apartment rentals come from 4321 Property...

Aldar in Kuwait


landlord testimonial

Regular bookings from Europe for my apartment plus there are no booking fees to me or the client like other sites so you can charge more but lacks a sophisticated booking system.

Nicco in Croatia


I put our home up for rent & started getting inquiries within 4 hours!

Osburn in Jamaica


Good Day, Thank you for your help. Yes have a lot of inquiries backed up, but we are happy and grateful of the outpouring of inquires. Service is awesome. I see gradually the overall user interface (front-end) of the website is improving. Excellent!

Regards Grace from Real Estate St Lucia


seller testimonial

I was extremely frustrated with 4321 Property at first. Most buyers were just ignoring or rejecting the house. I felt that 4321 Property were only interested to push me to upgrade to their Gold plan so I called & complained! They responded with advice to make changes to my photos & highlight a recent kitchen renovation. The advice worked. Selling your home is stressfull so sometimes you need to pause & take good advice.

[SOLD - asking price - GOLD:3 MONTHS]

Naomi & Eric in Spain


Good platform but feedback dropped off a little after I finished the Gold trial & went onto the free one. To get the most from this you probably need to pay.

Mandi in Trinidad


I held out despite getting offers as I wasn't in a rush to sell. Eventually sold the house myself for €9,000 above my initial asking price. I couldn't have done it without your help. Are your sure I don't have to pay any commission!

[SOLD + €9,000 above asking price - GOLD:5 MONTHS]

Ray in Italy


seller feedback

A lovely couple from Maine drove all the way up here to Canada to view the farm. They are interested but their offers are still too low.

[Update - offer raised - SOLD + C$18,000 above local valuation - GOLD:4 MONTHS]

Marianne in Canada


Half the people I get are local people, I want more international buyers so I can get a better price.

[Update - SOLD + €17,000 above local valuation - GOLD:4 MONTHS]

G. Constantinou in Greece


An American I got from you wants one of the plots with the river front but now my realtor says he is contracted to do the sale & take commission. Is there anything I can do?

[SOLD (selling price not given) - GOLD:1 MONTH]

Jose in Mexico


seller feedback

GOOD: Reaches lots of people from different countries

BAD: Only 12 pictures, occasional time wasters, you cannot pause it, I don't want to be contacted about the house on Sundays.

Tam in Thailand


We got fed up of agents asking us to reduce more, we had already reduced 3 times to the total of over 100 thousand Euros. After only 3 months on 4321 Property Gold we sold at just under our original price. We almost lost over 90 thousand Euros.

[SOLD + €90,000 above agent valuation - GOLD:3 MONTHS]

Irene in Spain