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  • BRL2,628,335,960
  • (USD 510,000,000)
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  • Sinop
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Located in the Municipality of
Sinop, in the State of Mato
Grosso, at a distance of 479 km
from the capital, Cuiabá. This is
the region responsible for the
largest world production of
soybeans, a position occupied by
Brazil. Area of 84,000 hectares
(20,7480 acres); 43,000 hectares
planted area, with production of
soybeans, corn and cotton.
Average production: 68 bags of
soybeans per hectare and 135
bags of corn per hectare. There
is potential to double soybean
production on this farm. The
production logistic flow is done
by excellent network of paved
roads in the region.
The farm has excellent facilities
and a modern structure, in a
similar pattern to the well-
structured existing North
American farms in the State of
Texas. It has 3 complete
structures with the following
equipment / facilities: 3
headquarters (each with houses
for housing and administration),
3 warehouses, 3 dryers, 3 supply
sheds, 3 machinery sheds, 3
warehouses, an airstrip for
airplanes small and medium-
sized, 3 artesian water wells, in
addition to a three-phase electric
power network.
Additional information: farm
located in a region with an
average of 375 meters of altitude,
with a variable temperature from
20° to 32° Celsius, annual rainfall
index between 1800 and 1950
mm, 70 km distant from the city
of Sinop, MT, in whose
municipality the largest Brazilian
soybean production is
Note: The owners of this farm
also have other properties in the
region. In this way, some
machinery and equipment that
may be temporarily reused in
said property will not be included
in the sale, now announced.
However, if the buyer is
interested, the owners may make
some of the existing machinery
and equipment available for sale.
Sale Price: US $ 510,000,000.00
(five hundred and ten million
Farm pictures on request
1. FARM, MUNICIPALITY OF  SINOP, MATO GROSSO  Located in the Municipality of  Sinop, in the State of Mato  Grosso, at a distance of 479 km  from the capital, Cuiabá. This is  the region responsible for the  largest world production of  soybeans, a position occupied by&...
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