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White sandy beach villas on a life
coral lagoon

It has a 99 year native freehold
It is a new resort located 5.5 kms
away from the mainroad
It is located in a natural lagoon
which due to its isolation still has
live coral growing and multipling
creating an excellent potential for
fijis first marine nature reserve
The lagoon has an opening close
to the Shangrilla resort where the
coral coast mariner can be
Along the beach there is a
limestone cave which is
populourwith tourists
The beach front area has over 6
acres of pure white sand. Currently
there are 4 duplex villa units on
the beach and 3 standard rooms
The management had plans to
construct 10 open water bures in
the lagoon

The second area is located where
the restaurnat and 5 rooms are
located is close to a rare
archelogical site where recently
french geologist discovered lapita
and koromakawa. This has 5.5
acres of land including some
limestone hills which can be used
to make hill site bures overlooking
the ocean.
It has an area for prawn farming or
fish farming beside the limestone
hills which form a natural pond

The third area is 13 acres of
grazing and farmland which has
already been prospected for
mineral water production

There pieces of land have separate
titile under namuka bay lagoon
The prices are as follows;
Beach front 6 acres 5million
Restaurant area 5.5 acres 3
Grazing area 1.5 million
You can choose to partly buy the
resort or go into a joint venture
with my family
However the whole entire resort
area with 3 titles is offered for 8
million Fijian dollars. Currently
with 14 rooms the resorts monthly
proceeds is Fijian $40,000.

2013 valuation for the beachfront
and restaurant area was

White sandy beach villas on a life  coral lagoon    It has a 99 year native freehold  lease  It is a new resort located 5.5 kms  away from the mainroad  It is located in a natural lagoon  which due to its isolation still has  live coral growing and multipling&...
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