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Aristides Madellis,

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Email: langins1

Correspondence Address: Simou Houtzeou 11, Mytilini, Lesvos,

81100, Greece

FOR SALE - 25% of both business and building.

Building belongs to the company

and shareholders

VIGLA BEACH HOTEL (EPE Company, Limited liability)

The VIGLA BEACH HOTEL, Varia, Mytilini on the beautiful island of Lesvos (Greece) is newly renovated Hotel (first

built in 1987). It is situated only 2.5 kilometres from the city and historic castle of Mytilini on the green picturesque

island of Lesvos in the Aegean Sea, 9 kilometres from the coast of Turkey. It features 15 fully furnished rooms, an

attractive bar made of expensive rococo wood, restaurant, and terrace. It is within walking distance of the Theophilos

Museum. It is also within walking distance of the Aegean University main campus.

The Vigla Beach Hotel is

located in a convenient position between the airport of Mytilini and the town itself and offers the visitor the trappings of

luxury in a modern hotel complex. The whole complex is set just 30m from the Aegean Sea and 100m from the beach of Vigla in

the suburb of Varia.

The Aegean University currently accommodates about 3.500 University students with the

number perhaps rising to 5,000 in the next 5 years. The hotel operates all year round and has an excellent clientele with

potential of attracting more business in the future. It has an official B class status for its bar and restaurant and C

class category for its rooms. The quality of its rooms is B + class depite the fact that the hotel has a C class rating.

Each room has shower, telephone, central heating, toilet and balcony.

Built on a seaside property on the main

road to the city, port and airport of Mytilini, it has 440 square metres of building with 2 storeys. There are 260 square

metres of paved marble areas and gardens. The whole property is 700 square metres. Terrific investment with future

potential. Being sold only due to family reasons.

Excellent site for a future casino.

Directly in front of the hotel is a road, then a parking pavement with trees, then the main road and in front of the

main road is the coast and sea. On the left hand side is the picturesque pier of Vigla.

Telephone:  --(Phone number)-- ,  --(Phone number)-- 

Email: langins1

Correspondence Address: Simou Houtzeou 11,

Mytilini, Lesvos, 81100, Greece

Mytilini is not a town. It s a city. But it is an amazing little city full of

life and surprises and if you are someone with a long history in Greece it may actually remind you of Athens or Pireaus in

the fifties. There are 90 picturesque villages on Lesvos. Lesvos is the third largest Greek island located in the Aegean Sea.

There are roughly 40000 residents in Mytilini and about 90000 inhabitants on the island of Lesvos. Like other great cities,

Mytilini is built upon seven hills and is full of history. Mytilini is in fact one of the most culturally enlightened city in

Greece perhaps due to its proximity to the coast of Asia Minor where the ancient Greeks flourished until 1922 when they were

forcefully evicted by the Turks. Many of these Greeks had property in Mytilini and many Mytilinians had businesses in Asia

Minor. For this reason the museums are full of interesting remnants of the last three thousand years of history and the town

itself contains monuments, houses, churches, schools and other buildings from the various historical periods. But it is the

Mytilini of today that holds the most interest for many because it is a small and managable city full of great restaurants,

cafes, nightlife and friendly, intelligent people.


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