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* Land is very close to the second
busiest & biggest bazar - Chanauli
bazaar, Just arnd10-mins away frm
30 metre mainroad highway

* Well facilitated with evry modern
day necessities like :
* multiple Banks ( Global IME ,
Nabil Banks,
Krishi bikas, Investment Banks...
), ATMs
* Bike showrooms like Honda,
* Schools ( more than 13 ),
( Umagadi adarsa college,
Bhimngr college,
just to name few )
* A Police Station for security...

* Govt. offices like ( electricity
office.... )
* A well facilitated Hospital (
hospital ) & several medical
* & every othr services adding by
the day...

* Chanauli bazaar is therefore the
popular & common central bazaar
for people frm all arnd the area like
dibyanagar, jotinagar, shardanagar,
meghauli, rampur & many othrs..

* 23-24 haat approx modha, smooth
flat plain land, suitable to use
commercially, for housings & soon...

* 26 - 27 ft gravelled, soon ready to
be pitched road touches the land &
connects it to the 30 metre
mainroad highway

* Chitrawan Nagarpalika (abbal
jagga )

$$$ Some note for Investors $$$

* Around the land u can find big
plotting happening & these guys are
already selling lands in annas,
making 3-4 anna plots & people who
hd bought the land are already
starting construction

* U cn also find exotic, lavish, High-
profile bungalow - types around the
area, becz its comparatively quieter
than the bazaar, bt nevertheless
with all the accessibility of facilities.
So i guess, the Smart Visionaries
out there are already investing,
seeing the flock of different types of
settlements around the area in near

* The road few 100 metres ahead of
land is already pithed & accd. to a
govt engineer, within few yrs time,
maximum areas r under budget
approval for pitching & devpmnt Evn
the main 30 m mainroad highway is
under reconstruction aftr budget
approval by govt. few mnths back

* a ` win-win ` situation here espc.
for investors to invest securely.

* 100,000 / dhur is the going rate
around the area. But we are only
asking 65%, that is 65000 per dhur.
* Land is very close to the second  busiest & biggest bazar - Chanauli  bazaar, Just arnd10-mins away frm  30 metre mainroad highway    * Well facilitated with evry modern  day necessities like :   * multiple Banks ( Global IME ,  Nabil Banks,   Krishi b...
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