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This apartment is for re-sale at the Erkel House project. This is from a first owner, you wont find any other penthause style flat with huge terrace at this price in this building. For further information please call or email.

About the project:

The project is located in the 8th district, in one of the most rapidly developing central areas of Budapest. The development benefits from being in the heart of the city, but other advantages such as the excellent public transportation or the existence of a very well kept park in the immediate neighbourhood make the project even more attractive. The site occupies 4,444 sqm of land. The project is going to be built in one phase and will consist of 271 residential units over 8 floors. There will be commercial and retail space available and two levels of underground parking.
The project is located in District 8, in one of the most rapidly developing center areas of Budapest. The development benefits from being the heart of the city, but other advantages such as the excellent public transportation or the existence of a very well kept park in the immediate neighborhood make the project even more attractive. Also a kindergarten, a small chapel, a pensioner club and other state institutes are around. Only one street away from the development there is the Erkel Theatre and the future station of Metro Line 4 will be also located here.

- The town centre: 1 km (2 minutes)
- Nearest airport: 13 km (15 minutes)
- The financial/business district: 2 km (4 minutes)
- The main shopping centres: 2 km (4 minutes)
- Nearest train station: 900 m (2 minutes)
- Nearest bus stop: 200 m (1 minute)
- Nearest metro/tube: 300 m (1 minute)

Technical description

Applied materials, structures:

One-storey deep garage with cut-off wall technology and reinforced concrete walls was built under the building.

Structural walls:
The outer closure walls between the reinforced concrete wall piers were built according to the valid sound and heat insulation standards. The binding brick walls are made of POROTHERM 30.

Partition walls:
The flat-separating walls are made of SILKA 30 sound-proof bricks, the partition walls are made of POROTHERM 10 partition wall bricks.

Monolith reinforced concrete floor was used.

They are supplied with built-in sound and heat insulating layers. The garage floor is a dust-free concrete surface.

Roof structure:
The flat roof structure was supplied with suitable advanced heat-insulating and water-proofing systems according to the valid standards.

Outer doors and windows:
Advanced plastic FENSTHERM doors and windows were used with heat-insulating glazing, with veining foil cover outside and in white colour inside. The windows are without shutters, but with formation of lattice blinds at suspended places from the architectural points of view.

Inner doors and windows:
The inner doors of the flats were made with a case structure covered with decorating foil, with natural coloured aluminium elox handles.

Entrance doors:
The MUL-T-LOCK security entrance doors are in accordance with the fire-protection regulations and MABISZ rules. The doors of the hall garage are electronically remote-controlled.

Inner painting:
Three-layered dispersion in white colour was painted in the apartments. In the parking area and in the storage rooms two-layered lime painting was used.

Outer frontal:
Plaster base, with noble plaster and footing was made according to the sound and heat insulation standards.

Electrical installation:
The electrical supply of flats is 3x16 A. The installations are copper wires in protecting tube networks. The following sockets are placed on basic price:

kitchen: 4 pieces
bathroom: 2 pieces
living room: 4 pieces
bedroom: 2 pieces
hall: 1 piece

Modern construction TV and telephone connectors (1-1 piece in each flat) were built in white colour in accordance with the applicable Hungarian standards. The entryphone is made with digital numerical control.

Lighting fittings:
These fittings were built in the lavatories, bathrooms and entrance halls.

Flat distributors:
There are plastic cabinets lowered into the wall, next to the apartment doors. They can be opened with key.

It is made with individual water meter (1/2\`).

Water system:
The header pipe is a steel pipe. In the branch line within the flats a hard polythene pipe system is placed in protective tubes.

In the whole building PVC pipe sewage system was made with bell-rubber-O ring extensions. Within the building, the sewage and the rainwater form separate systems and they are linked only at the cellar level. The connection of the washing machines of each bathrooms were formed in the water- and sewage sides as well. There is no floor-polish in the bathrooms.

Sanitary equipment:
They are first-class semi-porcelain products in white colour. Steel sheet, white enamelled bath, one-armed faucets with ceramics inserts and mixing valves were installed in every bathrooms. There is possibility to bind in washing machine.

The heat energy of the flats are supplied by a central boiler, but each flat is provided with separate heat amount measurement. The header pipes are steel pipes, the heating pipes of the flats are plastic tubes placed in protective tubes. The radiators are white-coloured panel radiators bound into the wall, with a separate thermostatic head valve on each. Only the central boiler is supplied with gas.

The ventilation is mostly of natural kind. The toilets and bathrooms have mechanical artificial ventilation. The other rooms with inner space are with gravitational ventilations. The extractor fan in the kitchen is not an accessory for the flat.

Cold covering:
Skid-proof finishing was used on the terraces, placed in net. The cold covering in the bathroom is about 200 cm high; in the toilet is about 150 cm high and in the kitchen it is between the upper and lower kitchen furnirue.

Warm covering:
In the rooms 7 mm thick laminated parquets are installed with skirting boards, floating layer and sound-proof isolation.

Outer landscaping:
The inner court has 30 cm deep ground with grass.

Enclosing fencing:
The private gardens are separated from each other with wooden fence on concrete footing.

There is 1 SCHINDLER lift for 9 people in each staircase and an addition one without a staircase. All together 4 lifts were built according to the valid standards.

Lower and upper kitchen furniture with sink and faucets (see sanitary) were installed. There is possibility to bind in cooking-range.

Camera system:
The building has an automatic operated control camera system.

All apartments are ready to move in, this way there is no possibility to make any modification in the colour of the tiles, kitchen furniture, parquet or doors or in the layout of the apartment before the hangind over.
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