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Condominium Hotels, Condo Hotels or `Condotels` are probably the fastest growth areas in the hotel industry

today. Condotels have been around for quite a while now, and have been `Hot Investment Properties In The US` for some time.

Condotels that used to be available in vacation locations are now popping up all over the US thanks to the biggest names in

the industry like Donald Trump as well as smaller companies who are making huge profits in less known areas. In the United

States the highest concentration of Condotels today can be found in Las Vegas or Florida.

But what exactly are

`Condotels` ?

A Condotel or Condo Hotel, is a combination of hotel and a condo. You can think of it as the best of

all worlds. Operating like a hotel, usually with more amenities that a normal residential condominium building, the Condotel

units are individually owned by many different owners. While different complexes and resorts may vary, most give you the

choice of renting the units out or using them for personal use. Many of them have a rental program and management on the

premises, getting rid of all the hassles that landlords always encounter.

Benefits of owning a Condotel


are the benefits to owning a Condotel rather than other real estate investments? There are many!

Rent Revenue:

Condotel units will produce rental revenues. That revenue can partially or completely offset the costs of owning and

maintaining the Vacation Home

Appreciation Potential: The best selling point of Condotels as investment property is

the rate at which they appreciate. Especially when purchasing at the pre-construction stage of the project. The rate of

appreciation throughout the Philippines is generally negative especially in rural areas. However, cities such as Metro Manila

and Cebu see annual property appreciation rates depending upon locations between 10% to 18%. Most Condotels are located

specifically in areas that have seen and continue to see high appreciation rates such as Metro Manila and Mactan, Cebu.

Furthermore, it is the Condotel Properties that are seeing higher appreciation rates than traditional single family homes and


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