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Welcome to paradise. Playa El Agua ranks highly on the list of the best beaches in the world (see the image), an earthly wonder of sand and sea. 4km long, silky white sand caressed by the surf of the Caribbean Sea, a tropical beach dream, the most famous and the most visited one on Margarita Island.
Along the beach runs a cool and shady boulevard; at the beginning of the boulevard a small picturesque market where you can buy beach towels, sun glasses, sandals, beach wear, tanning lotion and much more.
Playa El Agua is lined with mature palm trees and more than 45 restaurants / bars that also rent chairs and umbrellas in addition to the extensive variety of food and drinks.
You can also find quiet areas that have no development if you desire to be alone with less crowds and more nature.
Playa El Agua is the most popular tourist destination in all of the country and on Isla Margarita.
It is favored by both local and foreign visitors because of its beauty and the variety of services. Exciting beach parties are organized in the tourist season.
And all this in a country where 1 � buys 3 beers or 1/2 kg of beef or 30 liters of gasoline!!!

This is definitely the beach you won t want to miss out.

Cascada del Bosque

A housing complex consisting of three buildings with 10 apartments each in the local �Cabaña � Style�, with 30 m� each.

In a convenient distance of only 500 m from one of the dream beaches of the world, this very beautiful closed private compound offers to you both, life and entertainment on the beach and also the peace and tranquility of the rural setting, which guarantees a good sound sleep at night. Thus entertainment and relax are given.

The first image shows the just terminated first phase (sold out).
Inside the new duplex design with 30 m� living area.
The roof has been made from tropical wood inside with clay shingles on top.
The bathroom and the kitchen are fully equipped � in case that you do not feel like eating out.
The upper floor is the bedroom with a double bed. A door leads to a small balcony.
A split air condition equipment gives a pleasant temperature.
In front of the building there is a common pool and a Caney (thatched party hut).
Each apartment has one parking space.
There is a tank with 5000 liters per cabaña.
WiFi is installed.
Private security guards guarantee the safety of your investment.
There is the possibility to rent out to other persons while you are not using your property. Thus it pays itself quickly and may even become an additional source of income. Just imagine, holidays paid for! If you want we rent it out for you and guarantee you 8 % per year!

Satisfaction guaranteed.

The sale will be handled according to international standards and you will receive the title deed.

German personnel in the company will do the �red tape� for you. And who also loves to help you with the very simple visa etc. Business. Here everybody is still welcome!

Investment necessary for an apartment:

35.000 Euro

Modalities we are going to negotiate.

Ulrich Daniels, Cascada del Bosque, Calle las Flores, Playa el Agua, Isla Margarita, ulrichdaniels , 00584166950693

Ps: If you want more than 30 m� let me know!
regional map playa el agua