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  • EGP£12,538
  • (USD 800)
  • 1 bedrooms
  • Apartment / Flat  1 bedroom
  • Rent
  • Al Jizah
  • egypt Flag Egypt
Apartment Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen And
Reception 2 Cut And Super Lux Furnished
Modern And New Furniture And Air-Conditioned
And All The Appliances Of Refrigerator,
Washing Machine And Automatic Transmission,
Butane Heater, 2 LCD TV, Refrigerator, Mini
Bar And Microwave For Rent For A Long Time
 --(Phone number)-- 
Apartment Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen And  Reception 2 Cut And Super Lux Furnished  Modern And New Furniture And Air-Conditioned  And All The Appliances Of Refrigerator,  Washing Machine And Automatic Transmission,  Butane Heater, 2 LCD TV, Refrigerator, Mini  Bar And Microwave For Rent For...
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