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BGN15,477  House Borovets

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Don t leave this property out of

account, with this priceless location.
The village is located in a lovely area with two lakes and small river near by,

beautiful forest around.
25 miles away from Bulgarian capital Sofia and 21 miles from one of the best ski resorts

The general reason, makeing the parcel good for invest is its location and low price. It could be perfect

please for a family or friends for the summer and the winter season. The house has double bedroom, living room, kitchen and

room under the house. The area outside has couple trees, grass and one other construction use to be for please for different

kind of animal in the past. Is important, that the house is old and need to be reconstructed and fixed.
The house is

located on the village center with few shops and coffee shop around. One of the most fantastic places, where you can enjoy

yourself is the complex `Air Sofia` in Ihtiman-3.5 miles far away. You can find there golf, club tennis club, football club

and many other sports opportunity. The complex has couple of swimming pools and place for horse riding. If you wish you can

do fishing in the lake near by or just have a walk in the lovely green forest, which is next to the village. Other choice you

can pick is trip to the mountain area, which is almost everywhere around.
During the winter you could visit one of the

best pleases for relax in Bulgaria-Borovetz only 21 miles away, do skiing or other kind winter sport and have a lot of fun in

the mountain complex. In the area you can meet some other foreign people mostly British, who have property near to.

miles far away from Bulgarian capital. There are some other villages around and one lake just 0.5mile away. You can rich the

please very easy, using the motorway from the capital cite of Bulgaria-Sofia. If you leave in London you could rich this

please for less than 4 hours. The parcel is in village, locate in lovely area with two lakes and small river near by and

beautiful forest around. The all region has many historical pleases like-`Traianovi vrata`, where you can see the ruins of

the castle of great ruler of old Bulgaria-King Samuil.
You do not want to miss this offer do you? Come and take part in

the adventure!
regional map borovets