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Location, location, location -- Only a few kilometres from the Pacific Ocean and the Bay of Nicoya, these beautifully located and zoned building plots (some with sea view) , literally just off the Pan-American highway, are priced low in a high demand market, offering the extra benefit of an 8.5% price increase for teak and 40% for land in this area last year alone … Reap the rewards of local infrastructure investments bringing millions of dollars and increased tourism to the area. Costa Rica currently has a $ 1.9 billion annual tourism industry.

Lots of 1000-30000 SQM ranging in price from 5800-230400 euros.

Enviously situated in one of Costa Rica’s top 3 regions for property value increases (25% per annum over last 7 years, additional 40% increase in 2007 alone), Di Pacifico II is situated 10 minutes from the local village of Chomes with its cafes, shops and beautiful natural beach, 30 minutes from the duty-free port of call Puntarenas with it’s new marina, 94 km to the international airport of Liberia in the north, and 110 km from the capital San Jose with its international airport in the south. This property takes advantage of it’s strategic location directly on the Pan-Am highway running from Alaska to South America, which connects San Jose to the established tourist villages and beaches of the Pacific Coast. Costa Rica’s next hotspot, the region of Puntarenas, had the most construction permits issued last year. Near Puntarenas, you will find the new Hilton Doubletree resort hotel on the lovely Playa Dona Ana and within 75km you’ll find the 1st Central American Blue Flag beach and booming town of Jaco with it’s new marina and 2000 beachfront condos … add to this the new Central Pacific Chamber of Commerce, the new freeway currently under construction connecting San Jose to Jaco to cut drive times in half, and the new $3 million promenade planned in Jaco … Timing is everything and now is the time to buy land in this area!

There has never been a better time or a safer way to invest in land! Purchase a sea view lot now, reap the property appreciation benefits of local investments, have the wood harvested and sold for you in 6-8 years, then replant the land or build your dream home / development project in one of the hottest property markets and beautiful locations on the planet! Each plot of land is planted with 11, 14 or 18 year old Teak, Melina or Pochote trees and are either bordering the public road or have sea/river views. These building plots commonly show the most rapid price increases. The building plots vary from approximately 1,000 to 10,000 square meters, with the 10,000 square meters plots being ideally suited for re-division into smaller building plots, after the final felling of the trees in approximately 6 years. Each plot is ready for immediate development – there is no zoning required. You may maintain the property yourself or pay a mere €42 per 1.000 square meters annually for maintenance. If you wish to sell your building plot in a few years, you are free to hire a local real estate agent. Of course, we are also at your disposal to handle the sale.

Purchase is easy. The price of your building plot includes central water source and transfer tax, topographical work, registering in the Land Registry, placement of border markers, supply of electricity to the main entrance, renovation of existing roads and construction of new roads where needed. You will receive an official notary deed for your building plot and it will be registered in the Land Registry. The Land Registry in Costa Rica is of excellent quality and comparable to the Land Registry in Europe. You can verify on the Internet if the building plot has been registered in your name. We would also be happy to assist you in purchasing the property via a company, enabling you to avoid Costa Rican capital gains tax for a mere 55 EUR per annum.

According to NASA, Costa Rica has the best climate in the world. Add to that its democratic and peaceful government, and you have a stable and idyllic escape from reality. To North Americans, Costa Rica is today what Spain was to Europeans 20 years ago. Just a couple hours by plane, Costa Rica offers a cheap and safe retirement haven for American and Canadian ‘Baby Boomers’ interested in acquiring affordable real estate near the sea and beach. With prices now out of reach in Mexico, Costa Rica has seen a steady increase of 7% annually in tourism with an annual tourism industry worth $1.9 billiion. Already a haven for movie-stars attracted to Costa Rica’s diverse, beautiful landscape and beaches, the next decade will see Costa Rican real estate exponentially increasing in value as the demand rises. With over 30% of Costa Rica’s land declared as a nature reserve or park, building land in the country is scarce – more so if you are near to the water. As the ever-increasing demand for well located building plots continues, the upward potential is enormous for these plots. Currently house and development land prices in the prime locations are increasing at over 50% annually.

Surrounded by the Gulf of Nicoya, the Puntarenas region caters to your every heart’s desire: nature reserves in the mountains, agriculture in the plains and tourist development along the beaches. Declared a duty free port in 1845, Puntarenas itself attracts a loyal tourist base, beckoning local day-trippers, and holiday deal-seekers, as well as being the starting point for many excursion tours and ferries. It has recently become the most important port of call for some of the major cruise liners with its waterfront seafood restaurants, bars, and lively weekends.

Investment Points:
• Projected ROI 30% pa (teak and land) over an investment period of 6 years
• Costa Rica ranked in top 10 fastest growing tourism markets
• Costa Rica ranked safest country in Latin America
• Huge inward investment from major multinationals, with many headquarters being set up there
• Highly educated workforce with 96% literacy rates, one of the highest in the world
• Support from the Government to preserve the remaining nature reserves
• Surrounded by extensively diverse flora and fauna
• Close to many small islands and romantic beaches in sheltered bays
• Dry and warm climate of 24-30 degrees Centigrade year round
• Stable and peaceful government
• Facility to set up purchase through a company to alleviate capital gains tax in Costa Rica
• Major touristic investment dollars being spent all along the coast and millions of dollars currently being invested in development projects within the proximity
• Price for teak experienced 8.5% increase per annum over last 10 years
• Local land prices increased 25% per annum over last 7 years, 40% in last year alone
• Sea view lots available, just a few kilometres from the beach
• Lots already zoned for development and planted with 11, 14 or 18 year old Teak, Melina or Pochote trees to increase your return on investment, and as the trees are already 12-14 years old, only a 6-8 year investment is required to reap a potential return of 10-14% from the timber alone
• Low annual management fees plus hassle free management of the harvesting of your trees
• Just a half hour from duty free port of Puntarenas, favourite stop for cruise ships
• Just one hour drive from 2 international airports
• Just 10 minutes by ferry from Puntarenas to the world famous Tortugas Islands
• Directly off the Pan-Am highway, connecting the capital to the Central Pacific beach towns
• 15 minutes or less to already established tourist destinations
• Land registered in your name with the Land Registry
• Excellent infrastructure
WELL LOCATED, SMART INVESTMENT:  SEAVIEW LOTS WITH HARVESTABLE TEAK TREES    Location, location, location -- Only a few kilometres from the Pacific Ocean and the Bay of Nicoya, these beautifully located and zoned building plots (some with sea view) , literally just off the Pan-American highway, are priced low in a high...
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