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Initially it turns out fundamental to consider that any flowing water is not the same that the Mineral Water of Spring.A very important factor to bear in mind at the moment of face this type of business, is the provincial qualification according to the national and international legislation (MERCOSUR) on the subject of food, to be able to commercialize flowing water as Mineral Water Of Spring.From this point of view, Villa Bianca possesses all the institutional guarantees necessary for the investment on this market in expansion, which constitutes this project as a profitable and safe investment Æ Access and geographic location.

This plant possesses, between others, two advantages to consider: the geographical place and the accesses to come to it. The bottling plant is located in Colonia las Rosas, department of Tunuyán in the province of Mendoza, 95 km from the provincial capital. The province of Mendoza is to the west of the Republic Argentina and is the most important in the production of mineral water. The zone of Colonia las Rosas is considered to be ecologically protected, which among other factors, guarantees the quality of the product. It is well-known between the specialists in hydrogeology, the abundance of underground water resource in the zone of Colonia las Rosas, since in this zone the confined networks of water come together from the precipitations of the first hills of three nearby departments: Tupungato, Tunuyán and San Carlos, for what the Quality and Provision of the most important resource of the plant remains eternally guaranteed. In the zone there are other plants of mineral water, for example, it is outlined the plant of ECO of the Andes property of Nestlé Company. It is important to emphasize that the access to the plant is an asphalted and in good state of conservation.

The province possesses an international airport and access to the port of Valparaiso in the nearby country of Chile, access that in a nearby future will be able to be realized directly from Tunuyán to Santiago of Chile with less than 200 km in entire trip.


1) Natural Resources

a- Spring. The flowing one is located in a property of 7.71 hectares, in which also one finds the industrial plant, reason why any possibility of contamination by transfers etc is eliminated. The spring is of natural type, that is, it does not require pumping. Its volume is of 80,000 liters/hour which guarantees the feasibility of any project of enlargement that is desired to make with respect to the capacity of industrial production, reaching without problems a maximum of almost two million daily liters. The diameter of exit in the valve is 8 inches with different derivations that allow the use of the resource in different applications and places of the property.

b- Human potential. Today the plant possesses 8 qualified workmen, including production control room etc. those who can or not to be included in the negotiations.

2- Material Resources

a- Infrastructure edilicia. Villa Bianca possesses in the property of Tunuyán an industrial plant of 250 m2 with a house of 75 m2 all this in a property of 7,7 hectares, which besides, are cultivated with Pears William and Quinces.

b- Productive infrastructure. We possess 2 lines of production. One of them for the filling of bottles is automatic and it has a speed of filling of 1800 bottles per hour. Another line is semiautomatic and it is for the filling of jerry cans of 5, 10, 12, and 20 liters, with an approximate speed of 400 jerry cans of 12 lts. per hour.

3- Quality of the product.

a- Chemistry. Among other advantages, the low content of sodium is extremely important in the sanitary effects of the product, since this element affects directly the circulatory system, reason why legislations of advanced countries as the USA required that this must be specified, that is highlighted in the label, as we do it. Besides, Villa Bianca, arises with a suitable content of fluorine, with the familiar advantages that this presents for the dental system, reason why innumerable possibilities of penetration in the infantile consuming segment appear.

b- Bromatology. The official and private analyses carried out to Villa Bianca shows an entire absence of any organic matter, which exempts us from any other comment.

c- Source. Our company owns the water source, which arises spontaneously from a bonus of 200 meters of depth, which disables its contamination, in an ecologically healthy zone, since it is Tunuyán, in the Pcia. of Mendoza, to more than 1400 meters on the level of the sea, possessing the bottling plant inside the same property, which eliminates the possibility of pollution by transfer. We must emphasize that Villa Bianca is authentic Natural Mineral water of Table, whereas other marks represent waters artificially mineralized, or waters of table, (simply physical-chemical treated running water).

d- Packaging. Villa Bianca, appears in bottles o contents of 500 and 1500 cm3, without gasifying, in monooriented or bioriented packages of PVC, having technology that allows us to use packages of the typical light blue color of the mineral water, or bleached type `crystal`, following the tendencies of the present market. At the present time Villa Bianca also has PET packages with the availability of packaging for the most demanding clients is completed. Villa Bianca has turnaround packages of the type of 10, 12 and 20 liters and of disposable packages of 5 and 8 liters.

Patrimonial State

It is fundamental to emphasize that the establishment Villa Bianca does not possess to the date any type of debts, being an absolutely healthy industry financially speaking. The structure of costs is one of the strong points of the company, since it has very low fixed costs, to such point that it is possible to stop and to start the industry to satisfy specific orders. On the other hand variable costs are very low respect to the sale price to the client, even maintaining a policy of prices below those of second line, which determines profitability more than acceptable for the company.


It is doubtless that if a market in frank expansion exists, this is the one of the water for human consumption. Contaminated waters, with disagreeable flavor to chlorine, absence of drinkable water in big zones of the globe, transmissible illnesses by means of drinks and the increasing social tendency of taking a healthy feeding, give an increasing impulse to a product that already has a consolidated place in Latin America and the world, transforming the market of the mineral water in highly attractive, since it has not developed a high consumption per capita, though it has this tendency. For instance, the minor of the leader marks in Argentina, Eco de los Andes, in its first year of revenue to the market, invoiced about thirty million dollars. According to the studies of the world-wide consultants Canadean ó Nielsen, the consumption of packaged water, with and without gas, has grown 13 % in the whole world. They follow it, but distantly, the refreshments with gas, with an increase of 6 %, and the beer that registered a rise of 5 %. The business of the packaged water, principal refreshing drink in countries of the south of Europe as France, Italy and even Germany, has come to Spain strongly and has turned into the last bet of the big manufacturers. Even more if, as Canadean indicates, `It is considered that the refreshments with gas, traditional battlefield between companies of the sector, are losing area because of packaged waters`. For the second consecutive year, the classic refreshments of `cola`, have lost market share. An outstanding fall in the imports, meanwhile those of water grew 10 % in 2001, those of refreshments with gas fell down a 1,4 %. As conclusion: Internal and external market available and in expansion, plus a superb availability of the fundamental resource, the water, in practically limitless amounts (two million daily liters) shows the investor a superb opportunity to make a business of proportions, as much in the short term as to future, where it is anticipated that the water will be the resource more needed the orb.

Why to invest in Villa Bianca?

Because it is a business in growth and expansion at world-wide level.
Because, as it is in operation, it is possible to began to commercialize in great volumes today.
Because it is a small plant but tidy at production level and administration.
Because it has authorization and approval to work and to commercialize without no type of restrictions.
Because this plant can supply to all the national market without any type of inconvenient.
Because it does not have any type of debts.
Because it has excellent labor relations with his personnel.
Because it is possible to be acquired without personnel. Because it does not require pumping.
Because the water that appears of the spring is of the greater quality at national and international level (low sodium content).
Because it can supply 2.000.000 lt. daily.
Because the investment is relatively low in relation to the important benefits in the short term.

Initially it turns out fundamental to consider that any flowing water is not the same that the Mineral Water of Spring.A very important factor to bear in mind at the moment of face this type of business, is the provincial qualification according to the national and international legislation (MERCOSUR) on the subject of food, to be able to commercia...
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