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FLOOR SURFACE: 700 square meters
CAPACITY: 2200 cubic meters

The real estate is situated by an asphalt road nr 208, 7 km from Polanow, 40 km from Koszalin.
Wielin is often visited by tourists because of its picturesque location, hilly area, a lake, an ancient church from the XVII century and a nature sanctuary in the neighborhood.
The real estate consists of:
1. Palace building: 700m, 2200m3, two floors with usable attic and a basement; the building is currently undergoing the last stage of renovation, till now following parts have been renovated – the roof (all tiles have been replaced with new, ceramic), all installations (electricity, alarm, water, heating, anti fire system, sewage system, phone and TV installations). The heating system is an ecological heat-pomp which uses an abyssal well.

The real estate has its own water intake (pressure boosting plant) which is very efficient.

All constructive works inside the building have been finished (new plasters, fire places, chimneys). All windows and doors are new. Stairs are being currently exchanged. Three rooms and two bathrooms are ready to use. Plasters on the fašade of the building have been renovated (the antique front door will be installed after the fašade is painted). 600m2 of the courtyard has been covered with stone. The whole site has been drained.

2. Outbuilding in the shape of a letter L, 1250m2 with an attic over the whole building, altogether 2500m2 usable space. A part of the building is a stable. The owner got a consent from the local authorities to adapt the outbuilding to tourist purposes.

3. Antique park: 5,5 ha behind the palace. Old growth forest in the park (nature monuments, 300 years old oaks) and a small lake.

The whole real estate’s area is 105 000 m2.


Wielin was a fiefdom of the Natzmer family. The first owner mentioned in literature was Claus von Natzmer and it was in 1628. For some time a part of the estate belonged to a fiefdom of Krangen (Kr▒g) owned by Podewils family, yet since 1652 Gerd von Podewils had been selling his shares to Dubslaff von Natzmer.

Around 1780 there was a manor, mill and smithy in Wielin and there lived 7 farmers, a furrier and priest. In 1857 the Natzmers sold their estate to Tressler family for 100 000 thalers. Before the end of the last century the von Clave-Bouhaben family took over the grounds and in 1935 Hugo Lippoldes became the owner of Wielin.

At the beginning of March in 1945 the Russians took up the lands of Pomorze. The people who did not leave the area in time (many people had tried to flee at the last moment, but they were stopped and forced to return) had to resign themselves to the life under occupation.

The last owner of the estate – Hugo Lippoldes, along with the other people from Wielin, was arrested and deported to Russia. He died on 25 April 1945 in Soviet forced-labour camp near Kopeisk in Siberia, around 200 kilometres east of the Ural Mountains. Only two women out of all people from Wielin deported to Russia came back alive. During the Second World War and the turmoil of war there died 35 people from Wielin.

DATE OF CONSTRUCTION:1883   ARCHITECTURAL STYLE: NEO-BAROQUE  FLOOR SURFACE: 700 square meters  CAPACITY: 2200 cubic meters    The real estate is situated by an asphalt road nr 208, 7 km from Polanow, 40 km from Kosz...
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