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Voivodship: Slaskie
Town: Gliwice
District : Centrum
Street: Szara 2



subject of this offer is a perpetual usufruct of a non-built-up land, consisted of 3 lots (lot no. 317/1, 317/3 and 318),

with the total area of 2.4886 ha.

The real estate has a perfect location in the central part of the town, in a direct

vicinity of

Fokus Park, the biggest commercial centre being under construction, and it is surrounded with

multi-family residential development. The real estate is located in the very centre of the town, at Jagiellonska

Street, nearby the market square and Zwyciestwa Street, the main commercial promenade of Gliwice. An additional advantage of

this location is the proximity of railway and bus stations.

This area is of an investment character. Its advantage is

the proximity of Drogowa Trasa Srednicowa (main road). It is projected to connect DTS with external system, i.e. with A1 and

A4 highways.
The commercial and entertainment centre, which is being constructed in a direct vicinity, will increase the

esthetics and usability of this area.
The conception of development for this real estate is being prepared and it

assumes: office complex with conference part, hotel building, and multilevel car park.
The conception, which is being

prepared, assumes about 42,000 m˛ of office area, 9,210 m˛ of hotel area and 16,200m˛ of car park area.



power supply
water/sewerage system
storm water drainage
telecom + IT network

Utilities network runs along Szara Street.

The area, on which the real estate is

located, is included in the valid
Local Land Utilisation Plan – the Resolution no. XXXVIII/964/2005 of Gliwice City

According to the plan this area is marked as `1P, Un`
– industrial and service areas – new, in result of the

change of development function and type`.
Basic intended use: industry and various services, including commercial

Supplemental intended use: office and administration objects,
economic development (garages, auxiliary


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Voivodship: Slaskie  Town: Gliwice  District : Centrum  Street: Szara 2    OFFER FOR INVESTORS    The    subject of this offer is a perpetual usufruct of a non-built-up land, consisted of 3 lots (lot no. 317/1, 317/3 and 318),    with the t...
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