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BGN72,588  Apartment / Flat Aheloy

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Marina Cape, Bulgaria: Luxury and Calmness in the Heart of Nature

Located 15 minutes from Bourgas

international airport, Marina Cape Vacation Complex is built on a Cape in the heart of the bay of Aheloy. Nestled in the

protection of the cape, a small harbour, the Marina, welcomes yachts and fishing boats. Built on an area of 40 000 square

meters, the four communities of Marina Cape, the Marina, the Cove, the Tower, and the Lighthouse, ensure identity to each of

our 650 apartments. The latter are complemented by studios, upscale commercial and quality entertainment


Our visitors fall in love with the place when they visit it. Practically all have purchased following a

visit e and see for yourself why. In time you will come to learn its unique history and geography.

Zone 1- The

Marina - ONLY 20 apartments left

Due to this magnificent location, all Marina apartments have a sea view, and some

have both a sea view and a view of the cove and Marina. The heart of the Marina is a large pool with a professionally

monitored children’s area and the nearby water bar.
The buildings are built in an S-shape allowing the residences to be

autonomous yet open to the sea. These building have only one or two entrances with separate elevators. All apartments have

terraces or balconies. Almost all ground floor apartments have their own garden. This architectural solution embodies the

vision of Marina Cape: to inspire a sense of community while ensuring calmness, ease and privacy.
Timing of construction.

Construction began on Nov 1 2005 and the first property was transferred to a buyer in December 2006.

Zone 2 - The


A small building of 56 apartments on the edge of the cove. Marrying comfort and intimacy, buyers didn

t waste any time: released in September 2006 sold out by December 2006. Conveyancing is taking place between January and May


Zone 3 - The Tower

The Tower is located at the North Eastern corner of the Marina Cape Vacation

Complex. The buildings might have limited sea-view but the clock-tower, in traditional Bulgarian style, will provide a focus

point for both Marina Cape residents and visitors to come enjoy leisure and shopping activities.
Indeed, The North-Eastern

side will house shops and offices, the SPA center, the gym, squash courts and the medical/dental center. All these will be

located on the ground floor and on an underground level.
The advantage of The Tower is its proximity to the marina and the

sea, and that the apartments are part of an exclusive, high end complex with quality entertainment and commercial properties.

The units are mainly smaller apartments and studios. There are a total of 296 units 69 1-bedroom apartments and 227 studios.

Areas range from 26 sq.m. for the smallest studio to 102 sq. m. for the largest 1-bedroom. Located next to the Cove, the

first building is the main entrance to the Complex. Its ground floor houses the administration of Marina Cape including a

reception area, premises for the security personnel and equipment as well as some commercial properties. The second building

will have mainly commercial properties on the ground floor (cafe/bars, shops, a pharmacy, an office).
Timing of

construction. Construction works in The Tower started in October 2006. Currently, construction works have reached level 4 in

terms of concrete works. The properties are expected to be ready for delivery to clients by the end of September


Zone 4 - The Lighthouse - Start of Sales in October 2007

Long and narrow, named after the cliff upon

which it s built, these apartments are spacious and sunny and like their namesake turned toward the sea.


The Tower Commercial Center is on the north-eastern corner of the complex and includes a general

practitioner, a pediatrician, a small dental clinic, bank office, spa center, a fitness center and two squash courts. There

are several restaurants and cafes. Marina Cape will be covered by the three national mobile operators and there will be cable

TV, wireless Internet, low-tariff international telephone connections and individual air-conditioning for each

Marina Cape, Bulgaria: Luxury and Calmness in the Heart of Nature    Located 15 minutes from Bourgas    international airport, Marina Cape Vacation Complex is built on a Cape in the heart of the bay of Aheloy. Nestled in the    protection of the cape, a small harbour, the Marina, welcomes ...
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