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Island “ Evia” It was located immediately in nearness to Athens.It is

the third larger island in Greece. To it there are centennial forests,as well the river that reaches the tilth at the points

to the 4 meters. Club “ Meditarane” is located as well on the island. The part that is selling is 320 hectares, they are

located by the side of the gulf. There is a carribean beach (a littoral) of 16500 meters, the river debouches to the beach.

On those 320 hectares there are licenses and project of construction On : Golf ; 200 luxury vacation homes (The minimal price

will be 2 500 000 euros on each one ) . They will be located in the forest ; Casino (4 in Greece with license) ; 2 Luxury

hotels ; Comerssial trade street and Marina. Island “Evia “ is fine known for its gold beaches , spreading at the shore on

the Aegean sea with the small peacefull beachy inglenooks at the seashore to the Evia’s gulf, where the pines touched by the

sea, with the rising mountain ranges, covered up with the rich vegetation, with the picturesque sights and the traditional

villages. South “ Evia “ is known with the cryptic atmosphere of its mountain range. “ Evia “ is island on which is thrive

different types of tourism , for example alternate tourism -the visitors feature have a rich choice of atractions close to

the nature. The other type is religious tourism in which the visitor have the feasibility to visit monasteries, that is mind

- blowing, and a churches with a big bygone and the history (As monastery Ossios David, monastery Galataki, a monastery

Hrizovalantu and many others ) . SPA-tourism is really as well plain on “ Evia “ and attracts visitors from an entire world.

The Edipsos’ s heated baths are fine known with their healing properties still from the ancientness. There are heated baths

so in Yaltha and Helia . Island “Evia “ is really popular with the historical tourism that offers the visits to the ancient

city as Eretria, ancient Kearintos , Artemizio and as well as the tour to the many byzantine buildings and castles. Other

types of tourism that “ Evia “ offer , are ecotourism , the sea tourism and the athletic tourism in which all over the year

are helding moto-cross cycling and the mountainous cycling. Wildlife on “ Evia “ is unique , because the specific kind to the

island and in its mountain ranges is representative from over 24 sorts salientian, more of the 35 species of the mammals and

over 94 types of the birds. The fact that the numerous of members to the plant and the animal as well must be observed only

on “ Evia “ . The boron, the chestnut, the platan and the abies are only several of the various types of the trees that you

can observe. The visitor can see white boron (sylvestris genu pinus), the helepean pine (halepensis genu pinus), the black

pine (pinus nigra), the greek abies (expiates cephalonica) and the many other species. “ Evia “ is located in central Greece

and is easily connected by the bridge of Halkis or with the regular ferryboat until the seaports to the island that work full

- time. The transportation network is fine grown.
regional map evia