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Great business opportunity. this beautiful
12,000 sq ft boutique hotel has 6 standard
rooms, 4

suites, owners quarters
downstairs, and separate house on the 2nd
floor which is 3,000 sq ft and vaulted


This is the breakdown; Currently
Nicaragua is experiencing a big boom in
the hotel industry .

there are not enough
hotels with these amenities to keep up
with the demand. Hotels with these
features are

running at 80% occupancy or
higher/year. Unfortunately we do not have
the time to run this hotel (Fortunately for

you). Its currently being used as our
personal house.

Recouping your Money:

6 rooms X $65 =

$390/night 100%
4 suites X $119 = $476/night `
1 separate house X $2000

= $2,000/month

60% occupancy Monthly Income
$7,020 = 6 rooms
$8,560 = 4 suites
plus $2,000 =


total $17,580

minus $4,395 for
Expenses(utilities,employee s, ex)

$13,185 take home/month running at only
60% occupancy.

Asking 1.2 million

On top of that

we are willing to finance
with a 50% down.


the local Bank will finance $720,000
with a 40% down =

at 11% APR for 10 years

thats aproximently $6,600/month

$13,185 - income
minus $6,600 -

loan payment

Leaves you with $6,585 approximate

Now that we have done all the work for

its all up to you.
Great business opportunity. this beautiful  12,000 sq ft boutique hotel has 6 standard  rooms, 4    suites, owners quarters  downstairs, and separate house on the 2nd  floor which is 3,000 sq ft and vaulted    ceilings.     This is the breakdown; Cu...
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