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Our concept is based on:
-1. the real interest and need of the inhabitants of Bucharest

of having residences in accessible areas. Quick access to one s workplace is also very important. For example, a family

working in the south, south-east or east will lose a lot of time to reach a northern area outside Bucharest (1+1 % h).

2. the correct development of a residential ensemble in a natural environment with all the utilities and a correctly planned

and built infrastructure.
- 3. the existence of a quick access road by comparison to the north, where building the

Bucharest-Brasov highway within 5 to 7 years is being promoted. Even if this highway is finished earlier, it will not solve

many problems including the exaggerated prices for lands.


We have oriented ourselves towards north-eastern and eastern Bucharest, on D.N.2 (National Road no. 2), D.N.3 and between

D.N.2 and D.N.3, also taking advantage from the vicinity with the Bucharest-Constanta highway.


important road connecting Bucharest to the Moldova region, the Republic of Moldavia, Ukraine.
The exit from Bucharest is

made through Voluntari and Afumati, an area which has undergone a great commercial and industrial development. Whoever works

and gains money here is going to be interested in buying a house nearby, at a 10-15 min. distance (when leaving the city, the

distance is correctly measured in time). The same interest is manifested by the inhabitants of Colentina, Bucur-Obor and

Mosilor blocks. The population in this area (Bucharest blocks, Voluntari, Afumati, Sinesti, as welt as the town of Urziceni)

that might be interested in purchasing residences in this area, counts more than 500000 inhabitants.
In the perspective of

building the Bucuresti-Brasov highway, there is an old county road in Movilita Veche that wilt facilitate quick access to the


An important connection to the Constanta harbor. The exit is made through Pantelimon. Thanks to

its vicinity to the Bucharest-Constanta highway this area has developed and is still going to develop greatly (commercially,

industrially and logistically).
The highway has taken most of the traffic on D.N.3, which became comfortable and

It is an area of interest for the people living in downtown Bucharest and in the big blocks (Titan, Balta-Alba,

Pantetimon) thanks to its quick access through D.N.3 or the Bucharest-Constanta highway. The total population from Bucharest

and the towns of Pantelimon Branesti, Belciugatete, Fundulea, Lehliu, that is interested in real estate purchase in this area

is Imore than 550000 inhabitants.

Between D.N.2 and D.N.3:
Between D.N.2 and D.N.3 there is a 20 km

concrete road, along which there is a string of gorgeous lakes. The area is momentarily unexploited (for residences or

leisure activities centres), although, in the warm season, it is crowded with people from Bucharest admiring nature or

fishing in the weekend.
The air is very pure, which determined the establishment of an University Hospital for lung

If properly developed, this area can successfully compete against Snagov or Balotesti, Another advantage: the

population in this area is simple but clean, because the villages are not polluted by dubious


surface: 19.5 ha located on the lakeside, intravillan, buildable, with PUZ (Area

Zoning Plan);
location: to the east of Bucharest, between the lake and D.N.3;
opening: to DN3, to the

distances : 26 km from center Bucharest, 15 km from the outskirts. Time needed to access the area from center

Bucharest at rush hours: 25-30 min; - destination: residential and leisure;
• 2 km away there is the first both way bridge

on the Bucharest-Constanta highway, which also makes access quicker to Bucharest;
utilities nearby: electricity,

on the side from DN3 we have planned the building of a commercial area of great interest also for the inhabitants of

the large towns located in the vicinity: Fundulea and Branesti, and we have introduced in our PUZ a gorgeous leisure area on

the lakeside. price 50 E/sqm
    THE CONCEPT     Our concept is based on:  -1. the real interest and need of the inhabitants of Bucharest    of having residences in accessible areas. Quick access to one s workplace is also very important. For example, a family    working in th...
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