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About Al-Quseir :- Al-Quaseir, Essence of the past and Charm of the Present

Al-Quseir is an ancient city that is full of the essence of the past. It is an ancient port on the western coast of the red sea, at 136 kilometers from the south of Hurghada, and there are 70000 peoples in Al-Quseir, and contains 68 schools with different types, as well as 64 mosques and one church, while the people in this city work in phosphate industries, maritime hunting and tourism.

Al-Quseir is known in the Pharaohs era in Thago, and the Pharaoh used to travel from the coasts of the same to pont countries in order to bring essence, perfume, and ivory, etc., and the materials that they used to utilize in their religious traditions.

The way that links the Nile valley and Quseir used to have all respect and special rank, and they used to consider it as the way to gods, as it is currently known by Al-hammamat valley, while recently a way of a Belgium missionary was found on a Pharaohs residential area, while a big number of houses for gold mines’ workers that have built it beside the mines, and gold melting ovens and wells, in addition to a big number of stones tools that used to be utilized in rocks pieces that contains
gold beams, and they have also found during the antiques survey, a pot made of solid rocks that used to be utilized for grinding the stones. It is worth mentioning that the most important mine from which the pharos have extracted the gold was in the valley as well as thousands of engraving that indicated to the era of the arrival of missionaries during the pharaoh kings era that were sent.

It is known that the pharos were using the gold in their daily life to wear, in addition to its importance in assorting the dead people to the other life, especially the kings, and the mask of King Tot’s mummy, and the eighth family, which shows the glamorous appearance with which the pharaoh kings used to be berried.

During the roman era, the activity of Al-Quseir continued during the petlamic and roman era as the Romanians used to utilize Al-Quseir port in order to transfer the cims stone to Rome in order to fabricate statues from the same and for decorating the palaces of emperors.

Al-Quseir and the Islamic era: during that era Al-Quseir continued to be one of the most important and
main ports through which the pilgrims of Egypt and North Africa to Al-Hijaz ports as well as the ships arrival that are coming from The ports of Arabian Island loaded with goods of India, and Africa, in addition to the coffee shipments that are coming from Yemen. During the Othman era, the currently existing castle was constructed.

The Monuments and Historic antiques
1. The Othman castle that were constructed during the era of Sultan Ahmad the third, in 1166 Hijri, corresponding to 1710 (AC) in order to protect the borders, and the number of protectors in this castle is 52 people.
2. the Domes of graves, and they are the domes constructed above a room that has a grave, which is considered as special architected element in the Islamic architect, such as in the grave of Sheikh/ Abdul Ghaffar Sheikh/ Abdullah Al-Hindi, and Sheikh/ Saleem, and others.
3. Wheat Store that was constructed in 1797 AC, which was a store for wheat that is exported to the to the Arab countries through Jedda and Yanbu’ port, as were used by Mohammad Ali Pasha for storing seeds in 1881 AC.
4. The Pharoec antiques and engravings at Al-Hammamt valley.

Al-Quseir and Industry: At the beginning of

the twentieth century, Al-Quseir has entered the era of industry, when the phosphate company has started its activity in 1916 AC., when the company’s activity has developed in order to have a production that represents 57% of the phosphate production in Egypt.

Al-Quseir and Tourism: God has blessed with a charming nature and moderated climate during the whole year, and soft sand, in addition to the artistic landscape contained in its sea that is drown by the water creatures and corals, and the tourism villages with its shapes and various designs, as some of the same are of the Islamic style, while others are of the Pharoec or European one, that are extended along its coasts that are managed by the most famous companies of International Hotels Management, as well as the activities they provide such as diving, and water skiing, and the joy of watching the bottom of the sea by glass boats and hunting trips, as well as mountain climbing sport that is provided by some of the touristic villages, while its closeness from Marsa Alam airport made it the preferable front for Europeans in Winter and Summer for Egyptians and Arabs.

The University of Opened Minds: it is decided to construct an international university at Al-Quseir University that aims at assisting the young generations in order to defeat the misunderstanding arisen from the difference of cultures, and the wrong images about others caused by it. The university will be among an international net that consists of 80 universities and schools led by both Harvard and Cambridge university, while the university will grant the B.A. in the various majors, while 8 universities will participate with the same, such as Al-Azhar university in the Islamic social studies, The American California university in Information Technology and western studies, Sorbonne University in the Christian Social Studies, French Lond specialized in the Islamic studies and environment protection, The Royal Technology Institution in Swede that is responsible for the technological studies, Road Island American School for Art Designs that is responsible for the art design, cinematic and industrial, and Dutch Delf University and Bologona for environment protection. The university also teaches diving, wave skiing and civilization inheritance protection while Karb Vietnam, the Swedish organization responsible for the coordination among the participating universities, while the procedures and university building shall be terminated in December 2010.
I have 1 Plot Of Land On Beach , 1000 M2 Close To Radisson Sas And Movenpick El- qusier - Red Sea With Hotel Licence , I Like To Sale For More Information Please Call 00965-9780444    About Al-Quseir :- Al-Quaseir, Essence of the past and Charm of the Present    Al-Quseir is an ancient city that is full o...
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