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€236,303  Investment Hajnačka

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Contemporary curia in Hajnačka – Slovakia
In the monument of Cerova vrchovina,

under the ruin of Hajnačka
castle, built up in 1240 in the village of Hajnačka.
Thereabouts are situated 51

mineral springs, Castle of Fiľakovo,
Cabrad, Bzovik and so on.
In this beautiful countryside we offer for sale

contemporary curia.

Total measurement: Buildings, garden and yard: 11.404m2
Built up area: 497m2


building has massive walls with thickness of 50 and 80 cm,
arched roofs, two entrances.
Roofed veranda, anteroom,

kitchen, bathroom and WC, six rooms.
Rooms are heated by stove, fire-place and electrical
accumulated stoves.

the curia is belonging building that was used as
store for grain, twin-deck building as place for carriage,
win store,

small outhouses and hopper for grain.

Curia contains: water from public water-supply and also well,

220/380, gass and cesspool.
Utilization of curia: after reconstruction it can be usable
as pension for agro tourism,

family house, ranch and so on.

Price :
6, 000.000.- Sk
Contemporary curia in Hajnačka – Slovakia  In the monument of Cerova vrchovina,    under the ruin of Hajnačka  castle, built up in 1240 in the village of Hajnačka.  Thereabouts are situated 51    mineral springs, Castle of Fiľakovo,  Cabrad, Bzovik a...
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