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Location: In the border of the city Spišská nová Ves in the

direct of Teplička. Individual halls and buildings are in good conditions and comunication ways are asphaltic.

measurement: 67,875 m2
In the area are situated:
Production hall built up in 1991. Shingle walled, external

thermal isolation, flooring by concrete and covered
by asphalt. Built up area 648 m2 and hight 5 m.

Drying slab:

Single deck building built up in 1994 and serve for drying
of wood.

Social building, storages and

Previous building from the year of 1948 and reconstructed
in 1994 plus superstructure and annex. Building is

and twin-deck. On the first floor are two storages
and garages and on the second floor are offices

dressingroom, sanitary instalation. In annex are storage
and archive.

Machine-room and boiler:
Building is

partly basement with two floors. Building consist
of boiler, vice manufactory exchange station.
Accumulator room,

storages and sanitary instalation,
central heating, canalisation, water and electroinstalation,
material brick block.

Administration building:
Built up in 1978.
Offices and sanitary instalation, dinning-room, buffet,

exchange station, material from brick block.
Reconstructed in 1996. Central heating – radiators.

conductor, warm and cold water.

Built up by bricks and blocks.
Vellum sized pole

object built up in 1980 made by brick block.
Scroll hall:
Single-deck building with three parts.
Hall with

incorporate part. Product of wooden scroll.
Buit up in 1976 in good conditions. In second and third parts
are sawmill

and modification of wood.
Sawmill and sizing hall:
Sizing hall: Single-deck object for sizing of slab.
Building is

wooden and not isolated. Building is used for
processing of the pole. Bottom is made by bricks
and top by wood.

Flooring by cocrete and covered by asphalt.
EL. 220/380.
Oil storage 1:
Objekt is wooden and built up in 1996. Used

for storage
of pablum.
Oil storage 2:
Walled building from brick block. Build up 1947.
Used for storage of

Offices for despatch:
Single-deck building, built up in 1994. Wooden montage with
isolation. Saddle roof.

Electrically heating apparatus.
Offices and storage of pole
Single-deck object, oblong section plane, used for offices

and dressingroom, built up in 1976, saddle roof, wooden floor,
heating by electricity.
Shelter scroll

Built up in 1996
Annex to sawmill
Built up in 1993, for production purpose.
Built up in

1996, used for writhe of wooden EURO palette
3 annexes
Built up 1994, annex No.1 bbbuilt up area 789m2, hight 4.30m

and two abreast annex with built up area of 576m2, uuusing for
drying of wood.
Twin-deck object,

using for control of entering and exit
of personals, cars and visitors. Built up in 2002.
Building material is wood,

roof by asphaltic shingle. Water,
sanitary instalation, canalisation, electricity 220/380,

It´s oldest part and built up in 1935. Reconstructed in 1995.
Hight of the chimney is 40m. All the

area was fenced in 1987.
Made by steel columns. Hight 2,2m, lenght 963m,
good communication ways in the area built up

in 1996.
Measurement of reinforced area: 2783m2.
Area has good communication entrance for camions and connected

the railroad, possible to use area for another industrial
activity. Area is situated in industrial part of the

Location: In the border of the city Spišská nová Ves in the    direct of Teplička. Individual halls and buildings are in good conditions and comunication ways are asphaltic.  Total    measurement: 67,875 m2  In the area are situated:  Production hall built...
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