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`Olympus Residential Cartier`

Located in the Northern part of Greece, with innumerous sandy beaches

and outstanding natural surroundings, Chalkidiki has been established over the years as `Greece s Secret Paradise`,

a very attractive place for vacations and for the acquisition of a summerhouse. Chalkidiki is formed by three lovely

peninsulas, two of which are the most visited by Greek and foreign tourists, due to the fantastic beaches and intensive


The third peninsula, which is the most untouched by human hand, is the worldwide famous Mount Athos, heart

of the Orthodox monasticism for many years.

Nearby Mount Athos, lies the charming village of Ierissos, known

since the antiquity as Akanthos and the place where the most famous Greek film direc
tor Angelopoulos filmed one of

his awards winning movies. However, most recently, Ierissos has started attracting the attention of both domestic and

international investors, who see in Ierissos a very lucrative investment opportunity with endless possibilities, as the

land has just started being commercialized. International real estate experts have predicted that, in a few years, Chalkidiki

will be considered as the `Florida of Europe` and therefore an investment worth making!

`Olympus Residential Cartier`

is located right outside the village of Ierissos, combining everything that you or your family will ever dream of a summer

holiday resort; the loveliest sandy beaches, the evergreen landscapes and the outstanding natural surroundings that will make

Ierissos your dream holiday destination! Nonetheless, Ierissos is very easy to access by car, since it is located only a 100

km of scenic driving from the city and the international airport of Thessaloniki.
The `Olympus Residential Cartier`

offers 40 two-level villas, ranging between 86 and 94 m2,with private gardens, both in front and at the back of the villa,

and large terraces. Each villa, `dressed` in local stone, includes:

 Fireplace
 Jacuzzi

 Air condition (cool-heat)
 Alarm system
 Italian kitchen
 Italian tiles

 Armored security door
 Wooden pergolas
 Intranet
 Intercom

 Private Parking space

In the heart of the `Olympus Residential Cartier` you can

plunge into the fabulous swimming pool, or just lay back and relax in your Jacuzzi. Taste your favorite cocktails in the pool

bar, experiencing the luxury surrounded by wooden pergolas, private kiosks and palm trees.
Our little friends, the

children, have their own designated area in the pool, a small water paradise, where they can play endlessly...

`Olympus Residential Cartier` has been designed with consideration to your personal relaxation. Here you can escape

and enjoy your very own private space. Indulge yourself with walks in the beautiful gardens, which are made in total harmony

with the natural surroundings.

Take advantage of the tennis and basketball courts! Have fun and be fit! `Olympus

Residential Cartier` promises you and your friends the... best of times.

` O l y m p u s R e s i d e n t i a l

Cartier` offers playgrounds and areas in which your children can be completely carefree. Your safety and well being is

among our top priorities. Therefore, the complex is equipped with surveillance cameras and personnel, in order to

guarantee the safety of you and your family 24 hours a day, as well as to safe guard your investment when

`Olympus Residential Cartier`    Located in the Northern part of Greece, with innumerous sandy beaches    and outstanding natural surroundings, Chalkidiki has been established over the years as `Greece s Secret Paradise`,    a very attractive place for vacations and for the acqui...
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