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APOLONIA PALACE is situated in one of the most beautiful and picturesque regions

on the Bulgarian seaside – ancient Sozopol (a city with the status of a country, founded in 620 B.C., under the name of

APOLONIA PALACE is the perfect `second` home for people with style and affinity to things of real

value. The unique South-East-West exposure gives clients the opportunity to choose between apartments facing the rising or

the setting sun, or even both.
The complex is designed and positioned in such a manner, as to provide the most from the

historical and romantic spirit of the sea resort, its beautiful nature and the functionality of the modern building. The

building is situated on a hill, which is the highest point in the sea resort – an ecological paradise, enjoying the attention

of the warm sunbeams. The complex is built in a classical style, with ornamented capitals, friezes, rustics, cornices, arches

and columns. The idea of the team of architects, engineers and designers is to construct a building, which will increase its

value in time, and become even more significant and aristocratic in a hundred years from now on. The complex has two family

VIP house and 62 different sized apartments, two-storey apartments and studios, all with a beautiful view of the sea,

offering many conveniences to the inhabitants.
• Stability of the investment – save

and predictable market in a member-state of the European Union and NATO !
• Location – in Sozopol city itself – with the

possibility of living here through the whole year or renting the apartment !
• Sea view – from every apartment !

• Connectivity – access to the Sozopol-Burgas highway; 30 km away from the international Burgas airport and 10 km away

from the Primorsko airfield for small private airplanes; 500 m away from the Sozopol marina !
• Environment –

ecologically clean, quiet region, neighboring a pine-tree forest and the Black Sea !
• Security and advantages – an

asphalt road leading to the building, façade and park lighting, water-pool, Jacuzzi, elevator, full time security,

porter, and video surveillance !
• Functionality and building quality – complying with all European requirements and

standards !
• Luxury building and construction, completed `up to the key`:
I. Under

Reinforced concrete monolith, without beam-grid construction, of the type `free space`, complying with level

VII seismic activity on the Medvedev scale. The lack of supporting walls and beams allows future owners to modify the layout

of their apartments according to their liking, with the excellent sound insulation allowing for their comfort.
II. State

of completeness
1. Walls: Greek lattice bricks / 25cm thick – external and 12 cm – internal walls/, machine covered with

KNAUF stucco coating, sprayed with transpiring interior paint, according to the designer`s plan. All exterior wall angles are

protected by integrated metal strips.
2. Ceilings: white decorative paint, sprayed over white stucco coating.

Floors: ceramic tiles for terraces, stairs and shared areas; laminated high quality Swiss parquet /HDF-8 mm/ for the living

4. Bathroom/WC: fully furnished, using designer ceramic elements, shower cabin and accessories by leading

Italian manufacturers. VIP apartments – Versace Ceramic Design + jacuzzi and barbeque for the panoramic terraces.

Kitchen areas: open type, fully furnished /MDF/, Ariston appliances – refrigerator, stove and ventilation.

Doors: entrance - armored, with 5 point locking mechanism, HDF foil covering, sound proof, spy-hole and integrated door bell;

interior – HDF foil covering – Horman and Reinaerdt with luxury lining; shared entrance areas – fireproof doors with Geze

automatic mechanisms.
7. Windows: KMG four-layered Austrian PVC profiles with two layers of glass and German SIEGENA

8. Facades: complete thermal insulation, integrated BAUMIT thermal insulation, colored silicate finish /antique

decoration effect/, ornamented capitols, friezes, columns and rustics according to a design plan.
9. Rood: VEDAG hydro and

thermal insulation.
10. Elevator: latest technology, hydraulic, noiseless.
11. Installations:

electric/power, telephone/internet, videophone and cable TV /: completed – installed local electrometers, videophones,

lighting, lighting switches and wall-plugs – all by Merlin Gerin. Facade lighting – according to plan. Shared area and stair

lighting – fully automatic, using photo cells.
- plumbing: practically eternal polypropylene tubing, soundproof, local

water-meters, washing machine and water-heater in every apartment.
- air-conditioner/heater: locally installed air-

conditioner – split system `hot-cold` in every room of every apartment.
- ventilation: individual ventilation in every

kitchen and bathroom/WC, connected to shared vertical air ventilation tubing.
- alarm systems with video surveillance:

everywhere in the building
12. Railings: installed on terraces and stairs – designer railings, hand made from forged

steel and balustrade – according to plan.
13. Outside areas: fully completed, planted grass and trees, decorative

columns, arches, capitals… according to the architectural plan. Pool with Jacuzzi – underwater LED lighting.

1. In case of purchase of the entire building - the company undertake to do the construction

`Apolonia Palace` - 64 apartments, RZP 4 847 sq.m. without basements and service rooms, land 1788 sq.m.; The price

of `Apolonia Palace ` section `A`+ section `B` is 3 885 000 E, i.e. 801 E/sq.m. The price don`t include VAT.

The price is paid by stages, depending on the stages of construction. The price includes high stage of completeness and the

building of outer infrastructure – roads, drainage, pools, planting and vertical planning.

2. On purchasing

investments project, along with issued building permit and all taxes paid, including taxes for joining the power supply

system and taxes for using terraneous mass, signed and paid contracts with water supply and power supply firms - the company

don`t undertake to do the construction work:
- `Apolonia Palace ` section `A`+ section `B` / 64 apartments and

total RZP 5047 sq.m./ - 1 170 000 E, i.e. 232 E/sq.m

Currently the project of the building is finished and

approved, building permit – issued and paid, joining contracts – signed and paid.
In case of paying in cash – no

VAT added.

APOLONIA PALACE is situated in one of the most beautiful and picturesque regions    on the Bulgarian seaside – ancient Sozopol (a city with the status of a country, founded in 620 B.C., under the name of    Apolonia-Pontica).  APOLONIA PALACE is the perfect `second` home for people with style and ...
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