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The newly developed quarter is located

in the southern part of Sofia - in close proximity to all diplomatic residences. A great advantage is the nearness of the

beautiful Vitosha mountain . Vitosha is situated in the centre of south-western Bulgaria between Stara Planina Mountain and

Rila-Rodopy massif. It is the only hilly mountain in the country and the ridge has been formed by the highest neighbouring

peaks - Cherny Vrah and Reznyovite. Stone rivers are typical of the mountain. They were formed by rock evaporation and their

slow movement to the valleys is a result of flowing water gravitation .The mountain is extremely rich in water resources -

numerous springs and torrents that give the beginnings of many rivers. The biggest Vitosha s river is Struma River which

flows into White Sea. Even the droughty months cannot dry up the rivers because they are fed by the peats. Having various

stalactite and stalagmite formations, draperies and ponds, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful caves in Bulgaria

.Nowadays, the territory of the park has a well-constructed tourist infrastructure that is capable to meet the great number

of tourists visiting the mountain. The annual attendance is about 1 000 000 people. Tourist routes are basically

concentrated in the northern part of the park where you can find the main ski tracks that provide the opportunity for active

skiing. The mountain offers very good conditions for hiking, mountaineering, climbing, sporting aviation and other sports

activities. There are two ski centers in the Mountain. The first ski center is called Aleko and is the oldest one in

Bulgaria. Its altitude is 1800 m. The ski- track is situated to the north. The skiing equipment includes one cable car and

two chair lifts, six stationary and some portable ski drags. The second ski centre is Konyarnika-Vetrovala. It is situated at

the altitude of 1507m. It is 600 m long and surmounts the height of 128 m. Besides this one, there are two portable ski

drags. Few are the cities in the world and the capitals are even fewer, that possess such a natural advantage Except for the

beautiful nature you can here are situated modern sky slopes . The quarter is situated between the ring road to the south,

`Simeonovsko shosse` Blvd. to the east and the Metropolitan zoo to the north. In the past this was a village zone and this

has been reflected in the infrastructure. The initial villa build - up dates from the sixties. At present the quarter is

built with 4-5- storey blocks of flats and one-family houses with modern architecture. One of the first gated sport

complexes `Maxi` - a preferable place for dynamic new people, was built in Vitosha quarter. This is a newly built quarter and

the social environment and communications are yet to be well constructed. One of the remarkable new quarter sites is the

luxury tourist complex `Royal Sofia`. The complex ensures comfortable and enjoyable living. Besides the luxury apartments ,

have been built , saunas , a gym , as well as shops, underground car parks and cafeteria . Further attraction is the

location of the `Royal Sofia` complex, situated next to the diplomatic corps right next to the main road which can took

you straight to the centre only for 5 min by car and at the same time far away from the noise. There will also be a

wonderful view of the mountain from almost all apartments. There are also a bus stop and a kindergarten near- by. 5- 10 min.

away in Studentski grad you can find: a non-stop supermarket, a sports centre, kindergartens, a cinema. 10 min. away there

are two universities, a university sports centre and the Winter palace. There are a lot of restaurants and pubs in Studentski

grad. The Sofia Zoo and Loven Park are only ten minutes to the North. To the South Simeonovsko shosse crosses the ring road

thus providing easy access to the largest Business park in Mladost 4 district, Technopolis, a cinema complex, Pancharevo

lake, the Botanical garden and the National museum of History. Dragalevski monastery and the lift station to the Vitosha ski

runs are 25 min. away. The building of the residential complex `Royal Sofia` will have a total of 25 apartments. The

apartments will be finished with fitted bathrooms and kitchenettes. All apartments will have electricity installation, water

and drainage. Economical radiators will be used for heating. there will be an Internet connection and a direct telephone line

in each apartment. The building will be ready in December of 2008 .

Terms of Payments:
1000 Euro

reservation fee payable before signing the contract
30% - at signing the preliminary contract
30%- at reaching roof

30% - at issuing Deed 15
10% - at issuing Deed 16 usage permit (transferring the properties )

ROYAL SOFIA  The newly developed quarter is located    in the southern part of Sofia - in close proximity to all diplomatic residences. A great advantage is the nearness of the    beautiful Vitosha mountain . Vitosha is situated in the centre of south-western Bulgaria between Stara Planina Mountain...
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