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Winter resort village `Mahala Kochorite`

The resort of Pamporovo lies in the heart of the Rodopa Mountain, 260 km

from the capital Sofia and 85 km south of the second biggest city in Bulgaria –Plovdiv. With 270 sunny days in the year,

Pamporovo is known as the sunniest Bulgarian ski-resort.150 days of the year there is a snow cover with an average depth of

140-150 cm and often it is over 2 meters deep. Pamporovo is at an altitude of 1650 meters in the foothills of Snezhanka peak

(1926 m.), where is the start of the ski- slopes to the famous Smolian Lakes .The ski and snowboard season start in the end

of November and lasts till the end of April .The ski-slopes around Pamporovo are at an altitude of between 1925 and 2000 m.

For the cross- country skiing and biathlon lovers there are slops around Snezhanka peak and there is also a shooting range

Yazovira .In the resort there are several ski-schools offering highly-qualified training in skiing and snowboarding at all

levels .A lot of national and international competitions take place here –alpine skiing, cross country, biathlon and the

biggest competition in snowboarding –free style. If you have no skis of your own, you may hire skis or a snowboard for one,

three or six days from any of the skiing lodges in Pamporovo. Your villa is situated at a distance of 1300 meters from the

cableway connecting the ski course and `Malina` villa complex.` Winter resort village Mahala Kochorite` , the `Kochorite

Mahala` (`Kochorite` hamlet) is a villa complex comprising 11 houses plus a luxury Apartment Hotel situated about 1300 meters

away from `Malina` villa complex in the western part of Pamporovo resort, at an altitude of 1440 meters above sea level. All

the houses are two-storeyed ones and are divided in 4 types depending on the area and the interior disposition of the rooms.

Each house has its own terrace, and its own parking place and an outlet to the exterior at two levels - to the inner yard of

the complex and to the beautiful natural surrounding. The hotel-apart is an 6 storey building with total number of apartments

59. The complex ensure the comfortable and enjoyable stay of the guests, besides the luxury rooms, have been built lobby

bar, restaurant – tavern, shops, hairdresser, administrative part, sports part including changing room, GYM, swimming pool,

sauna, steam bath, massage room, rest room, SQUASH hall, play rooms, offices, Viennese confectionery with a panorama view,

underground car park, ski lockers. The view revealed when a person looks outwards from the complex is a view of the

emblematic rounded hills of the Rhodope Mountains, overgrown with spruce and pine forests. In order for you to feel safe and

comfortable in the complex, the latter offers constant security and year-round maintenance. The passageway leading to the

complex is a well-lit asphalt road. The architectural style of the villa complex is the typical one of this region. Natural

materials have been chosen both for the exterior and the interior of the houses - stone and wood predominantly - which are

specific to the Rhodope architecture. All prerequisites for home comfort and cozy atmosphere are present in the `Kochorite

Mahala`. This will make you feel perfectly comfortable during your stay in your villa. Besides, the architectural solutions -

both the exterior and the interior ones - are carefully balanced, and as a result human intervention does not dominate the

charm of the wild nature which is all around you. Thus the complex is inscribed in the beauty of nature without interfering

with its harmony. The `Kochorite Mahala` will be your convenient base for skiing in the winter, and for relaxation and

mountaineering in the summer, and for your rest and seclusion in the soothing embrace of the Rhodope Mountains. Key –ready

AND EVERY HOUSE INCLUDE FURNISHED -FITTNESS -SAUNA AND STEAM BATH. Unique payment scheme: -30% – at contract signing; - 20%-

after six months form the signing of the contract , - 50% - after 6 months from the second payment

Winter resort village `Mahala Kochorite`    The resort of Pamporovo lies in the heart of the Rodopa Mountain, 260 km    from the capital Sofia and 85 km south of the second biggest city in Bulgaria –Plovdiv. With 270 sunny days in the year,    Pamporovo is known as the sunniest Bulgarian s...
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