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Region: Dobrich
Price: 20,000

Square Meters: 1,700
Status: Active

Type of land: Residential Plot
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Full Description: The most northern territories of the Bulgarian Balck Sea coast have preserved best their natural

appearance and original beauty and have remained undisturbed by the invasive urbanization. They are like a quiet green oasis

among the overpopulated sea resorts. The unspolit nature and peaceful atmosphere attract a lot of English families who seek

solitude and simplicity away from the city noise and stress. Recently investors also take interest in the rich and unused

potential of the area. In this picturesque and perspective area we offer you a parcel, comprising 1663 sq.m. of agricultural

land. It spreads in the outskirts of a pretty village, 50 m. from regulation. Its marvellous location just 2 km. from the

sea, beautiful view and affordable price make it a really profitable investment. The village is situated 2 km. from the sea

resort Rusalka, 14 m. from Kavarna and 15 km. from Shabla. The resort settlement Rusalka lies amongst old oak forest in the

exotic `Bay of Birds`, received its name because of the unique and aboundant bird life. The lovely nature is combined with

original architecture (pretty one- and two-strorey villas overlooking the sea), which brings unforgettable romantic

atmosphere. Fans of sports and entertainments may enjoy the plenty of attractions and opportunities for practicing of

different water sports. Those who are keen on golf playing will be more than satisfied by the high standarts of the 3 modern

golf courses, recently built between Kavarna and Balchik. The region offers lovely conditions for country tourism,

ecotourism, phototourism and diving tourism. The closeness to the various natural and historic landmarks in the vicinity (the

reserve `Cape Kaliakra`, the site `Yaylata` and many other) turn the area into an unique piece of paradise.

Description: The Municipality of Kavarna is located in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, 64 km away from

the city of Varna and 49 km away from the town of Dobrich. To the north the Municipality borders on the Municipality of

Shabla, to the northwest on the Municipality of General Toshevo, and to the west on the Municipality of Balchik. The total

area occupied by the Municipality of Kavarna is 480865 decares, which is approximately 0.43% of the territory of Bulgaria.

The Municipality consists of the town of Kavarna and another 21 smaller settlements. Kavarna serves as an administrative

center of the Municipality. The relief in this part of Bulgaria varies from plain to rolling. A great part of the Municipal

territory (over 75%) is taken by productive arable land. The picturesque Kavarna Coast has a total length of 42 km. The total

surface area of the Kavarna beaches is equal to 74 000 sq.m. The underground water is one of the riches of the region. The

mineral water springs are an exceptionally precious natural resource in possession of the Municipality. In general the area

of the Municipality of Kavarna offers magnificent nature and excellent opportunities for tourism. Infrastructure The stream

of travelers and tourists making their way to the Municipality of Kavarna, is services by the Varna International Airport,

which is just 40 minutes away by car, along the Е87 Varna Konstantza Russia road. The new airport of Balchik,

which is still in the process of being constructed (as it lays on the grounds of a former military airport) is located

approximately 8 km away from the Municipality. Those arriving by sea have at their disposal the small marina of Balchik. The

proximity of the Municipality of Kavarna to cities such as Bucharest (3 million residents), Konstantza (750 000 residents),

Varna (450 000 residents), etc., conditions the importance of the Municipality of Kavarna as a region of modern

infrastructure and well developed economy. Economy The Municipality of Kavarna offers a fishing base, a small marina, vast

sandy beaches and a great number of luxurious resort complexes. The Municipality possesses some unique natural potential,

which predetermines its social and economic welfare and the perspectives for any future growth and development. Farming,

tourism, light industry and food processing industry are top priority branches for the economy of the Municipality of

Kavarna. Izvor JSC, a mineral water bottling company, Kamash JSC, a producer of excavating and loading equipment, the sewing

and knitwear factories, the many wood processing companies, Kalatserka a furniture production company, etc., all add to the

economic strength of Kavarna. The Municipality has the potential to develop stock-breeding and agriculture in conformity with

nature. Vine and fruit-growing are slowly reviving branches of the Kavarna economy. The industrial cultivation of mussels and

the use of wind-powered electric stations are a special `patent` of the Kavarna industry. The Town of Kavarna A District

Center The Municipality of Kavarna offers a unique combination of opportunities for April to October summer recreation by the

sea, amidst picturesque nature, in immediate proximity to the natural phenomena Kaliakra and Yailata and the curative center

Touzlata. The fans of golf will find here three modern golf courses, 2 of which are located near the town of Balchik, and the

third one next to Kavarna. Those who are interested in the historical and cultural heritage of Bulgaria may visit the Palace

and the Botanical garden in Balchik, also the Architectural complex of Balchik, the museum at Cape Kaliakra, the Ethnographic

museum in Kavarna and the numerous cultural and historical landmarks of Varna the sea capital of Bulgaria. The latter

include the city s Historical, Archaeological, Naval and Ethnographic museums, the `Holy Assumption` Cathedral, the Roman

thermal baths, the Aladja Monastery, etc. The Kavarna region also offers magnificent opportunities for the development of: *

Recreational sea tourism beach activities, parachute dives, water skiing, jet rides, scuba diving, etc. * Historical

tourism ancient settlements, archaeological landmarks and old churches * Specialized tourism (alternative tourism): SPA,

Eco-, Ornithological tourism, etc. * Concert (festival) tourism * Countryside tourism * Hunting and fishing tourism Landmarks

Cape Kaliakra Kaliakra is one of the Nation`s 100 tourist sites of interest. The cape is to be found just 12 km east of the

town of Kavarna. This is a unique place, one of the most beautiful spots on the northern Black Sea Coast. Translated, the

word `Kaliakra` means `beautiful cape`. Encompassed by 70 m tall vertical crimson cliffs, cape Kaliakra juts out into the

sea, thus forming a large horseshoe-shaped bay, which is protected from the strong northern and eastern winds. A settlement

sprang here in the IV century BC. It was named Tirizis, after the local Thracian tribe Tirizi. According to Starbon, an

ancient Greek historian and geographer, Lizimach, a deputy of Alexander the Macedonian, located his army here during the war

with the Black Sea coastal town-colonies. Also here he is believed to have hidden a treasure of 40 ships of gold. During the

Roman times the settlement expanded and its name was changed to Akros Castellum fortified cape. A water-main, a public

bath, fortress walls and numerous public buildings were constructed here during that time. A legend about the cape, which

dates back to the days of Turkish Yoke, tells of 40 girls who preferred to jump into the sea abyss rather than being

dishonored by their enslavers. National Archaeological Reserve `Yailata`

БългарияYailata is a unique place, which is located 2 km south of Kamen

bryag. It combines both archaeological finds and marvelous nature. This is a seaside terrace, separated from the Dobrudja

Plateau with 50-60-meter high cliffs. Here you will find a cave town that consists of 101 cave dwellings from the V century

BC. During excavation work, the researchers discovered here a number of stone tools and instruments. An ancient sanctuary,

altars, wineries, four necropolises and an early Byzantine fortress from the V-VI century AD were also uncovered at the site.

During the Middle ages the caves were used as a monastery complex. The walls of some of the caves still keep legible proto-

Bulgarian signs runes, crosses and stone icons. The Via Pontica migratory passage crosses this area. More than 178 species

of nesting migratory birds can be seen here. Kamen Bryag БългарияAn authentic

craggy coast of wild, well preserved beauty. Kamen bryag offers a combination of sea, splendid view and crystal clear fresh

air. The day at Kamen bryag may be short, especially if you are deep into fishing, scuba diving or bird watching, or if you

are simply interested in archaeology or bioenergy-based phenomena. In the seclusion provided by the steep rocky coast you may

indulge in sunbathing or take challenges such as climbing and paragliding. The `Russalka` Holiday Village

БългарияThe `Russalka` Holiday Village is located just 20 km east of the town

of Kavarna, in the unique nature reserve `Bird s Bay`. The picturesque craggy coast, the small secluded sandy beaches, the

century-old oak forests and the amazing variety of plant species here attract millions of birds, and transform the Bird s Bay

into an oasis of the unspoiled nature. The more than 8000 year-old ancient archaeological monuments, make the seacoast of

Russalka a unique archaeological reserve. The vicinity of the holiday village offers many ancient and medieval fortresses,

tombs, caves and altars. Chirakman БългарияThe impressive Cape Chirakman is

one of the symbols of Kavarna. The silhouette of the ancient and medieval predecessor of the present town still rises by the

port. The plateau, which is surrounded by 100-m high vertical cliffs, has served as a strategic keeper and a wharf for

centuries. After the disastrous earthquake in the I century, which split the cape in two and sent a part of the ancient state

to the bottom of the sea, the mighty Thracian-Greek colony of Bizone came to life again, settling behind the fortress wall,

which held back the numerous Barbarian invasions for centuries. Today this fortress and its basilica have been completely

restored and attracts the interest of the tourists visiting the area. Bolata And Taukliman (Bird s Bay)

БългарияNorth of Kaliakra there are two damp zones Bolata and Taukliman

(Bird s Bay). An assortment of water birds nest here loons, little grebes, ducks. More than 150 bird species come here in

spring to rest and feed. The surrounding rocks and cliffs provide shelter to the owl and buzzard, as well as to a variety of

reptiles that are threatened by extinction and included in the Bulgarian Red Book of endangered species. Touzlata Touzlata is

a place within the Kavarna region, which offers a well developed SPA center. The hot mineral water, in combination with the

curative lye, form an excellent prerequisite for treatment and relaxation. Bulgarevo And Dalboka

БългарияThe village of Bulgarevo, famous for its vines, orchards, sweet

melons and water melons, has something new to offer in the Dalboka place there is a fully functioning mussel farm. This

farm will provide the visitors here with two restaurants with more than 100 seats. Here you will have an opportunity to taste

from a variety of seafood delicacies, served amidst the romance and peace of the beautiful bay. Also here you will be able to

see the traces of an ancient city, lost long ago as believed by the researchers the famous city of Tinum. On the very

seacoast you will be able to see the ruins of an early settlement, and also a group of Thracian tumuli. Ikantalaka The

`White Lagoon` Complex БългарияThe picturesque place of Ikantalaka has been

`predestined` as a preferred tourist destination. During the past few years the resort has been literally growing: the

bungalow bivouac has been transformed into a holiday village (The `White Lagoon` Complex). Some of the most attractive golf

courses in this part of the world, are located in the vicinity.

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