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Region: Rousse
City/Village: Basarbovo
Price: 3,800
Square Meters: 1,000
Status: Active

Type of land: Building Plot
in rural country side
Full Description: Hurry up ! This is very

cheap lot in a very good village near Rousse. The lot is 1000 sq.m. Regulated. Water and electricity are available. Good for

building a beautiful house.
Area Description: The village of Basarbovo is located in north-east Bulgaria, in close

proximity (15 km) to the city of Rousse (located on the river Danube, known as the `little Viena`). It looks as if it is

nestled in the valley, as it is surrounded by hills on all sides. In its geological history Basarbovo was covered by the

waters of the Black Sea, and as an evidence of this era are the typical of the region limestone rocks, and if one looks at

his feet as he/she walks the valley, he/she will definitely see small mussels and other remains of animals that once lived in

the sea. Rusenski Lom River passes through the valley and around it an incredibly beautiful canyon was formed, which is like

a miniature of the world-famous Grand Canyon in the USA. Standing on top of the rocks one is given the chance to enjoy a

breath-taking view. This place was inhabited from antiquity. At first its location was a bit more north-west, but after being

burnt to ashes by the Turks, it moved to its present one. The village is named after St. Dimitar Basarbovski, who lived in

the 18th century. He is the patron of Bucharest, where his relics lie. The famous rock monastery, located in the village and

operating from Antiquity, is named after him. This is the only operating men s rock monastery in Bulgaria. There are about

300 rock premises in the canyon, 40 of which were churches. Some of them are natural, others - handmade. The monastery is

well maintained today and is extremely beautiful. The garden is full og greenery and is lansdscaped with lots of flowers,

bushes and fruit-trees. The path leads to a well dug by the Venerable Dimitrii. The water in it has healing powers. 48 steps

lead to a rock platform, where a spledid view of the valley is revealed. This is where the niche where father Dimitrii slept,

and the rock church with wood-carved iconostasis. The monastery is visited by lots of tourists from abroad.



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Description  Price Per Sq.m.: Call For    Price  Region: Rousse  City/Village: Basarbovo  Price: 3,800  Square Meters: 1,000  Status: Active    Type of land: Building Plot  Location  in rural country side  Full Descrip...
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