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Asking Price: 2,500,000 €

- 2,700,000 € (Negotiable)
Memorium building and construction from 01. - Bucharest
Construction authorisation 2000;

final construction 2001.
Ds + P + 1E + M ; `C` category
Resistance structure: continoum foundations and isolted

(under pillons), demisol
room from reinforced concrete, pillons, grinds, monolith reinforced concrete.
Enclosured and

compartimentations ., bricks, glass bricks, wood, metal and
with insulation windows thermopans. Tilted roof on wood

sarpant and steel
cover, thermoinsulated for thermic confort of the mansard. The finishes from the
interior and

exterior are high quality.
Tehnic regim:
• general demisol with technical spaces;
• ground floor;

two floors;
• mansard with partially living space;
The demisol contains spaces for cars. The access is made

from a ramp from the
terrain cotes (-2,15 m ) at the underground cotes ( -2,92m ), ramp found in
dirrect connection

with the road access. Inside the technical space there is
mozaique washed and venetian.
Technical indicators:

terrain surface 476 sqm;
• amprent ground 294,10 sqm;
• openes surface 1290,65 sqm
• demisol

234,35 sqm;
• court C.T. 8,25 sqm
• platform + auto ramp 32 sqm;
• ground floor 246,85 sqm;

• main entry stair 19,50 sqm;
• trotuare 45 sqm;
• auto access 18 sqm;
• floor 1: 239,60 sqm;

• closed terrace 28,30 sqm;
• floor 2 : 241,15 sqm;
• mansard 131,55 sqm
• terrace 110,10 sqm

• green spaces . = 61,17% ; . 1,85
Exterior walls are from 37,5 cm bricks with total minimum width of 40cm

wall covers) that has the limits of rezistance for the fire 3 times greater -
incombustible walls(CO). PSI

avised as standard norms and regulations.
The building is in the C counting zone of seismic activity, that has a seismic

coefficient of Ks=0,20 and colt period Ts=1,5 s
Foundations: foundation quota is -2,50 to ground level at

conventional pressure
250KPa; the demisol foundations were put at the -4,25 quota and are the type of
concrete B150

and concrete cuzineth B250, the foundations are enlarged in the
pillons area.
The demisol walls are 20cm between -

3,30m and -0,10m quotas. The walls are on the contour, from reinforced concrete B250 with hidroinsulation, protected by

Suprastructure: in horizontal plan at quotas -0,10m , +3,20m , +6,50m , +9,80m ,
• 13,10m plates of

reinforced B250 concrete 12 cm thick on the reinforced concrete grinds that stay on the pillons. The frame ellements (grinds

and pillons) has been armed on the height as they should, taking into consideration the effort sustained. The lateral and

breaking apart walls are made by bricks.

Demisol: flux of supplies; production; deliverings
Ground floor and

floor 1: technical spaces, offices, toilets, instalations, restaurant, chairs, tables, etc.;
Floor 2: 1 and 3 rooms

luxury appartments.

About This Property Category:Businesses Address:Pipera

1 District 010200
For Sale By:Owner
Construction Year:2001
Area:1,290 m2
Asking Price: 2,500,000 €    - 2,700,000 € (Negotiable)  Memorium building and construction from 01. - Bucharest  Construction authorisation 2000;    final construction 2001.  Ds + P + 1E + M ; `C` category  Resistance structure: continoum foundations and isolted ...
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