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TRY1,283,310  Apartment / Flat Eskisehir

  • TRY1,283,310
  • (USD 150,000)
  • Apartment / Flat
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  • Eskisehir
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WonderGarden houses,

merges a modern concept of houses, a rich nature, the feel of holiday and the comfort of technology together. We offer you a

place of pleasure to live.

Presentation and Delivery

As you have seen we have already finished our building,

when you decide to buy the house, we deliver it with in 1 or 2 weeks depending on the one you choose.

Also you can use

credit and mortage system when you are buying the house, as the houses have land registry and title deed, to learn more you

can contact your bank or our finance department.

We planned well, build with the right materials and


Here, you will be at ease when you are resting at your house. When we construct our buildings we

considered esthetics, but furtheremore we focused on durability and robustness because we know that with clever planning and

correct methodology it is possible to increase the durability to hundred times.

However, we did not use the same old

components, we instead used the best available. We have constructed your houses with the most durable, stylish equipment,

correct methodology and intense planning/computation.

We used very special heat-isolation material to cover the house,

it will be cool in hot summer days and hot in cold winter. In addition, you will pay way more less for heating and cooling.


We installed a kitchen that delivers pleasure on entarence, we used special Italian parquets that could

be cleaned very easily in all rooms, for bath we have durable and robust Vitra bath set and encastré bath equipment in

addition to Kale ceramic tiles, For protecting babies (disabling them to reach the electricity outlets) we placed plugs

higher than normal, to stop a possible gas leak-out we placed the thermosiphon in a isolated room, We chose durable and

quality materials and we built the houses such that they will have more sunlight.

We used the right technology

and material

We used the latest technology materials available to give you the most comford. Some of which are smart

heat-isolation materials that helps your budget, special hull system that increases durability against possible earthquakes,

elavators that you know will always be working, adjustable lights, water resistant outer coating, high heat isolating

windows, stainless steel pipes, easily cleanable Italian parquet and many other durable robust materials.

We have

build a place to live in greenlands, we brought the naturality of water.

WonderGarden houses are located in a green

environment, because we liked it to be so. We liked you to forget about all the stress of the city. We have build a very nice

pool, such that in the summer whenever you like to swim, or be refreshed, you will. We have grown flowers for

  WonderGarden houses,    merges a modern concept of houses, a rich nature, the feel of holiday and the comfort of technology together. We offer you a    place of pleasure to live.    Presentation and Delivery    As you have seen we have already finished our b...
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