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Intelligent Residences

General Information

The most important feature of the Residence

Tower is the residences within are designed as houses with gardens within high blocks. 3 apartments located on each storey

are open on three sides. The residences are surrounded with the balconies as extentions of the inner part of the apartments

to give a feeling of security and comfort. These wooden covered balconies, especially extending glass floors in the

livingroom unites the exterior and interior side of the apartments and also adds a richness and perspective.


these, Balconies have been designed to provide easy window cleaning and window protection.

Residence Types


storey Residence Tower consists of 111 apartments. These apts have been designed from 1+1 to 5+1 in different sizes. Small

apartments are located between 1 - 10 floors. Between 11-30, the apts are larger in size. The size of the apts varies between

63 m2 and 251m2. all the apts have balconies with the exception of the 8 studio apts. Balconies have been designed with

wooden decking, transparent wind screen and interior inner house ‘garden

222 and 241 m2 size apartments have 190-195

m2 closed and 32m2 and 46m2 open area. On the top floors of the tower, there are two duplex apartments with 410 m2 living

area, 5.5 meter high and with 90m2 penthouse garden. And totally, there is a 630m2 triplex apartment with 400m2 closed area

and 230m2 garden. The garden on the second floor of the triplex is 133m2. 51m2 garden on the third floor includes a 110m2

swimming pool.

Clever Residences

One of the important features of the residences is that they are intelligent

residences. With Intelligent Home Technology and Intelligent Energy saving system provides both maximum comfort, security,

convenience and flexibility and also maximum economy. Heating, Cooling, water, electric etc. Are billed on an apartment basis

and residents pay for only what they use. This system provides savings for the residents who arent in their apartments during

the summer and winter.
Further details and Price on application
Intelligent Residences    General Information    The most important feature of the Residence    Tower is the residences within are designed as houses with gardens within high blocks. 3 apartments located on each storey    are open on three sides. The residences are surr...
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