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Farm size - 33 hectares
Location - Vimieiro, Arraiolos, Portugal



5750 Picual specie trees planted over 20,5
Plantation compass is 7 x 4 m which means
the drive way is 7m wide to enable tractor to
approach tree at angulation for harvest
purposes. The trees are planted 4m apart.
Drip irrigation takes place mostly in summer
at a ratio of approximately 4,5 to 5 litres of
water per tree per day The root ridges
enable the roots maximum sun exposure
and water retention. This growing method
is not common in Portugal and is the main
reason for optimum harvest yield.
Each tree at maturity (2015) will yield
approximately 30kg of olives per annum.
Picual is mostly used for olive oil production


When full holds 35 million litres of water.
The natural source of fountain inlet is
approximately 40 cubic litres a day in the
summer months (April to September). This
natural supply is complemented by transfer
of water from a private dike. The pump
installed in the dike has a capacity to
transfer 30 cu meters of water an hour.


A small water stream called `Ribeiro das
Covas` runs through the North East side of
the farm.
A dyke has been built along this water
stream in the farm grounds creating an
additional water log of approximately 2.500
m³ . This water is used to replenish the dam
during the summer period. Approximately
10.000 m³ are transferred a year.

This stream runs into Ribeira da Tera that
ends up in the Tejo river in Lisboa


The electric pumps are held in a floater
placed in the dam with a maximum pump
capacity of 100 cu m. of water an hour. The
pumps are activated by means of a variator
and can work from 10% up to 100% pump
output according to demand of irrigation.
The water is pumped through filters capable
of retaining particles to a minimum size of 60
microns. The pH of the water is adjusted
automatically during the pumping cycle and
soluble nutrients are added before the water
is delivered to the various sectors of

Olive trees need an acid pH. Grass needs
an alkaline pH.


The course is being developed in an area of
about 4 ha surrounded by `azinheiras`
(holm oak trees)

It will accommodate: 6 greens with the
following characteristics
#1-Par 4 140m
#2-Par 3 95m
#3-Par 4 165m
#4-Par 4 120m
#5-Par 5 165m
#6-Par 6 240m

One tee-off per green
Driving range with 4 tees
One putting green
Four bunkers
Six ponds

The complex will have ablution facilities,
storage room and parking for 8 vehicles

The irrigation system comprises 5 sectors.
The irrigation is electronically controlled
from the far-away pump station computer.
The water consumption of the swingolf
course is approximately 80 m³ per day in
summer time.
The Swingolf course faces South-East to
facilitate perfect shading and even growth.
It is designed in such a way that drainage of
each green is directed to small ponds do
reduce water wastage. Water is mainly
dissipated through vaporisation and


All waste at the farm is recycled at the eco
station. A special shredding machine
reduces all organic matter to particles not
big than to 2 to 3 cm and through an organic
process it is converted into compost. The
compost is used to fertilise the gardens.


This is a runway for ultralights, 15m wide x
300m long with 15 meter threshold at both
ends facing the prevalent wind direction
which is NE.
It has a hangar 12 m x 6 m with electric
power and water.
The open aeroplane parking area is
approximately 100 m x 20 m in size.


The vineyard is 1,9 ha in total comprising
the following cultivars:
Cabernet Sauvignon, (.6ha)
Touregan Nacional, (,9ha)
Petit Verdoux (,4ha)
Total vines planted 6000
The vineyard is expected to yield between 9
000 to 10 000 Kg of grapes producing 5 to
6000 litres of wine per year from 2015


The 1heactere fruit garden supports in
excess of 600 fruit trees including apples,
plums, pears, peaches, almonds, apricots,
figs, oranges and lemon.
The annual estimated fruit production by the
year 2015 is in excess of 3.000 kg.


This is an area of approximately 5.000 sq.
meters with drip irrigation where vegetables
in season are grown all year. The complex
includes two hothouses.


A complete in-house winery all in stainless
steel is installed on the property with an
annual capacity in excess of 9.000 litres


This is a 500 sq m residential area with
insulated double walls, windows and sliding
doors with double glass panels, natural
vaulted ceilings and marble floors
A private component (air-conditioned
bedrooms with in-suite bathrooms and a
sewing room)
A social area with a TV set, lounge-
fireplace, dining, kitchen with pantry,
scullery and laundry
A formal area with a study-library, music
room and an entrance served by a port
There is an indoor garden with a water
fountain and a lock up garage for 2
Provision has been made for a gym room in
the roof top.
More than 1000 sq m of paved area
involves the Manor House which is served
by 200 sq m of covered verandas.
Telephone switchboard with 9 incoming
lines, Internet and Satellite TV are
There are title deeds and plans approved to
rebuilt an additional 165 m² of housing
facilities, comprising 3 in-suite bed rooms,
lounge, kitchenette and laundry.


Half a hectare of gardens complement the
setting around the Manor House.
More than 1500 sq m of green grass with a
variety of trees, plants and flowers are
planted in the surroundings of the Manor
A 120 cbm fresh water swimming pool with a
BBQ area completes the setting.


There are 200 sq m of undercover farm
buildings. These include a workshop, tool
room, wash-bay, canteen, ablution facility
and parking area for implements.
These buildings are surrounded by 800 sq
m of concreted paved area.
In addition storage capacity is provided by a
6 and 9 meter steel container as well as a 6
meter refrigerated container
A 4000 litter diesel tank with electric pump is
installed adjacent to these buildings.


There are:
26 Centenarian olive trees
60 Azinheiras (holm oak trees)
20 Sobreiros (cork trees).
20 Palm trees
80 Cypresses
300 Rose bushes

Power supply brought to the farm along 14
concrete poles (in average 14 m high)
Size of in-house electric transformer -160
kwa 380 volts
There are 3,5 klm of under-ground electric
75 klm of drip irrigation piping.
33 km of drive ways on the olive grove.
5 km of roads
28 wooden telephone poles
There are 6 km of fencing used around the
farm. A driveway has been created all along
the fence so that the condition of the fence
can be monitored on a daily basis.
The Farm has its own sewerage plant and
hydro carbonates separation plant. This
ensures that soaps and non biological
elements are eliminated from any wastage
before being released in the soil.
The domestic water supply is provided by a
well which is pumped to a 4 cbm capacity
elevated distribution. The water for
domestic consumption is treated by an
automatic filtering and purification plant
installed in the property.


One Jeep Cherokee
One Nissan Atleon 3 ton truck with tipping
One New Holand 95 HP tractor
One 3 ton tipping trailer
One JCB back hoe
One Yamanha 4 wheeler
One John Deer lawn mower
One 2 ton Ammam cylinder
One hydro grass seeder
Two hydro sprayers
Olive tree vibrator
Various farm implements


All risks insurance Euros
60,00 monthly
Electricity Euros 500,00
Fuels Euros
450,00 monthly
Permanent staff (2) Euros
2.200,00 monthly
Rates Euros
170,00 annually
Staff insurance Euros
80,00 monthly
Vehicles licences & insurance Euros
400,00 annually
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