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Site for assisted living retirement


In a pretty village, overlooked by the vine covered hills, a new thermal spa has been developed. Several

projects have been started by the village to take advantage of this natural phenomena both for the benefit of the village and

for welcome guests.

They have built a brand pool and spa complex for public use in the centre of the village right

next to the village school. Funded by the government and the EU. The children are excited at the news that they will be able

to use the facilities this summer already.

The town hall has set aside a 19 Hectare plot of land next to the thermal

pump for an independent development and this proposal is one of the options available on this site.

Why a care


The high cost of care in a lot of countries in Western and Central Europe and other countries, such as

Japan, have become so great that pensions and health insurance no longer cover the expectations of retirees. This site offers

a number of advantages, especially in the area of costs, both capital and running costs, while offering a high level of


With a huge plot of land available a great combination of parkland and custom designed homes are possible and

still have room for exclusive medical and thermal spa facilities. The landscaping of the site would be very important with

tree lined steets, sheltered courtyards and shady arbours.

We envisage a choice of three types of


(i) Individual houses on their own plots of land for active couples where totally independent living is

the key, with sympathetic designs to encourage selfsufficiency.

(ii) Apartments (single storey) with 24hr in-house on

-call staff, each with all facilities for those who value their independence but need a secure environment.

(iii) A

single storey complex of bed-sitting rooms for those requiring 24hr medical staff on call. These rooms facing out to gardens

with direct access to gain the benefit of fresh air for those with limited mobility.

A must is obviously a dedicated

medical centre but a major benefit is that this can be combined with a private thermal spa to take advantage of all the

medical benefits arising from various spa therapies all in the same location.

The complex would also include

supervised fitness rooms, common rooms (large and small) for group activities, dining rooms and kitchen facilites. Outside

activities should be encouraged with the construction of cycle tracks and footpaths, tennis courts and perhaps garden plots

for those living in the apartments.

Staff accommodation would also be required in order to maintain a good standard of

24hr medical response and to encourage a high quality of applicants.

Building permission has also be given for

commercial premises so licences can be issued to perhaps a restaurant, pub, shops, beauty salon, etc

Why here?

The village has also given permission, and building has commenced, for a 5* hotel complex and a 9 hole golf course is

also planned. There is also an 18 hole golf course being constructed in a neighbouring village. There are protected areas and

reserves around the village providing a natural habitat for many rare animals and plant species including its world famous

red deer. This, combined with the lack of any industrial processing, ensures an attractive environmental haven with high air

quality and a tranquil atmosphere.

The weather in this area if governed by several factors. The location is on the

border between central european and mediterranean weather patterns, but this is moderated by the close proximity to a large

body of water. This means that this area has one of the highest number of sunshine hours in Europe, long hot (but not too

hot) summers and a short winter with snow for one or two months. But I must point out that this last winter we had no lying

snow at all.

The famous Lake Balaton and its large choice of diversion is only a short drive away. There is a European

international airport only 30 minutes away, and rail links with access to the whole international network.

Hungary has

a large pool of highly qualified medical and support staff at very economic wages. This plays a major part in the budget

calculations and administrative overhead on the successful running of this type of project.

Contact for details of

prices and costs.
Site for assisted living retirement    complex.    In a pretty village, overlooked by the vine covered hills, a new thermal spa has been developed. Several    projects have been started by the village to take advantage of this natural phenomena both for the benefit of the village and ...
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