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  • €570,764
  • (USD 600,000)
  • 4 bedrooms
  • House  4 bedrooms
  • For Sale 
  • Barcelona
  • spain Flag Spain
For Sale a beatiful four-bedroom apartment
in the center of Barcelona(Rojer de
lluria)with a total area of 220m2, 2
bathrooms, lounge, hallway, kitchen is fully
equipped with modern electrical
engineering, balcony, gallery, air
conditioning, reception. An apartment is a
very light, all windows face on the street
overlooking the commercial zone. The
apartment is used good location in the
center of Barcelona between all the famous
tourist zones Rambla Catalunya and Siudat
Bela ,Marimagnum, Port of Barcelona,
Mallorca and Provence, Paseich de Grasia.
Near to the metro and bus stop,shops,
shopping centers and schools and to the
beach . Upon request, we will help take
your apartment for the rent! Ideal
investment!! Once you have the desire to
spend their holidays in Spain, you can
always go back to your second home and
spend a wonderful vacation, but when you
are absent, we will help you to rent your
apartment tourists! Summer is a memorable
vacation! ! Winter is a steady income! Do
not miss your chanc
For Sale a beatiful four-bedroom apartment  in the center of Barcelona(Rojer de  lluria)with a total area of 220m2, 2  bathrooms, lounge, hallway, kitchen is fully  equipped with modern electrical  engineering, balcony, gallery, air  conditioning, reception. An apartment is a  ve...
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