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  • BGN272,375
  • (EUR 139,000)
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Apartment / Flat  2 bedrooms
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  • Plovdiv
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Elegant apartment situated in new residential building stands out with its impressive modernistic architecture.
The area is very attractive with easy access and regular transport. It offers amenities such as - good restaurants, shops, parks and green hills of the city as well.
Numerous hotels, restaurants, shops and more are in the vicinity of the region. The building is located in the Center of the city - 1 minute on Thursday Market, 5 minutes to Main pedestrian street, about 12 minutes to the International Fair of Plovdiv and about 15 minutes walking to the Olympic Rowing Channel. The property is suitable for living and renting.
The main advantage of the dwelling lies in its strategic location. The building `overlooks` to green garden situated behind `Thursday` Food Market. Nearby are the `Russian` and `September 6` boulevards. This makes the location of the building unique - a quiet place surrounded by buildings, insulating it from the dynamic urban environment with the main street arteries. The area offers all advantages and comfort of the modern life. Owning this luxury apartment in the most desired area in the city makes it not only well suited for living purposes but also an extremely good investment.

Key features and `Reasons` that apartment to be yours:

The apartment is located on the third floor of total of six floors, facing south and west. Entry is wide and naturally overflows into a living space. The living room is spacious, with large `French` windows emphasizing the weightlessness of the space and contribute to the penetration natural sunlight deeply in the space. The Kitchen, designed and installed by `Rilus Design`, is located in the inner corner and provides a possibility to be separated by glass partition walls. All rooms overlook the internal green courtyard, thus creating a blend of living space and greenery. There are two bedrooms master and children`s, as the former has an access to the living room terrace, as the latter has a place for learning or computer work. The balcony is common for the living room and master bedroom, able to accommodate the entire family for one lovely night outdoors. The bathroom is spacious and bright. In the apartment, and throughout the building as well, materials used are of high quality listed in the following brief description:

- The aluminum frame provides a high degree of thermal insulation, sound insulation and breathability. Aluminum is a precious metal, not aging, not affected by UV - rays.
- The aluminum profiles are made of special alloys with high level of hardness with special technology, with an additional layer of protection at 220 C polyester coating.
- Etem Series E-24 Steelmet - the most robust and heavy aluminum profile made by well known manufacturer Etem.
- Glass - SUNENERGY - Glass of the new generation, combining excellent thermal insulation properties of low-E glass and climate comfort.
- SUNERGY offers visual and thermal comfort, combined in one glass bination of Sunergy with a second low-emission glass achieve perfect thermal insulation and solar factor both in winter and summer. Manufacturer - AGC Flat glass Europe (Glaverbel)

- On the street - east side facade - Excellent thermal insulation, excellent sound insulation - up to 15 dB. Allowing free air circulation, building `breathes` and is not `sealed.` HPL panels / Higher Pressure Laminates / are made by the most popular Austrian company FunderMax.
- At the Yard - Silicone plaster `Ceresit`, formula BioProtect against Microbiological contaminants - Mold, mildew, etc. The most expensive series insulation of one of the leading global brands in the world construction.
All the walls are made with `Porotherm` bricks manufactured by the famous company `Wienerberger` Austria.

Thermal Heat Pump `Air-Water` on the roof of the building. In the presence of a thermal heat pump - major advantages in reducing energy costs for heating and cooling of the home entire year-round.
- Four Italian indoor fan coil units - `Delongi` - two In living area and one in each bedroom. Heating `lira` in the bathroom.
/ Heat pump decreases your bills for heating. If your cost for electricity is 1.0 / conventional air conditioners / heat pumps reduces it in about 1/4 to 1/3 fraction of the general cost - in other words - the heat pump is more economical by about 3 to 4 times compared to conventional air conditioning /.

- Spanish wall and floor tiles.
- Sanitary appliances and faucets - `Ideal Standard` and `Vidima`
- Boilers `Ariston`
- Floor Drains `Hutterer-Lechner` / HL /
- Heating `lira` associated with the heat pump installation.

- Frost resistant porcelain tiles `Kerko`
- Floor Drains `Hutterer-Lechner` / HL /equipped with a special valve that acts against freezing and sewage smells!
- Video surveillance on the sidewalk, the approach to the internal courtyard and the courtyard itself. Color video-intercom system of the famous brand `FERMAX`.
- Equipped with cable TV, Internet, BTC and security system - SOT.
- Italian cuisine - a project of `Rilus design`.
- High quality laminate with insulating substrate - `Kaindl`.
- MDF doors, switches and outlets - `schneider electric`, luminaries - `MegaLux`.
- Italian electric elevator `Monitor`.
- Landscaped, quiet courtyard. Greenery over the entire perimeter of the fence watered by a time regulated irrigation system.
Elegant apartment situated in new residential building stands out with its impressive modernistic architecture.  The area is very attractive with easy access and regular transport. It offers amenities such as - good restaurants, shops, parks and green hills of the city as well.  Numerous hotels, restaurants, shops and more are i...
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