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  • BGN195,408
  • (EUR 100,000)
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  • House  2 bedrooms
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  • Zlaten Rog
  • bulgaria Flag Bulgaria
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Vand casa doua etaje, cu douã dale de beton 200 mp la 1670 mp curte m, are la clãdiri agricole, garaj caramida cu structuri de canal pentru creoterea animalelor. Situat într-o Antimovo, Vidin, cu o vedere frumoasã de Podul Dunarea 2. Vând, de asemenea, teren în teritoriul unui Antimovo, Vidin, 2, 112 de metri patrati in apropiere de traseul Podul Dunarea 2. Pret este negociabil. Contacts:Cell phone + -(Phone number)-  The house is located 10 km away from Vidin against Calafat, near Danube Bridge 2 and people there speak Romanian.

Danube Bridge 2 between Bulgaria and Romania

The introduction of the second bridge will continue to strengthen the growing relationship between the two nations and is predicted to greatly improve the development of Vidin and Calafat, which are currently two of the least developed areas in their prospective nations. Sustainable territorial development of the areas will concentrate on promoting the cities as picturesque destinations for cultural, alternative and eco-tourism and will increase opportunities for transit tourism between the nations.

regional map antimovo