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Cison di Valmarino abandons him to the feet
of the Prealpis Trevigiane, between Vittorio
Veneto and Valdobbiadene, in an unique
scenery, wound and protected for good part
from the castle, the famous one
`Castelbrando` that is risen above the
country, offers spectacular foreshortenings
and variegated emotions, a mix of history,
tradition, nature and sport to the visitor!
We sell in historical center a marvelous villa
with 1400 central body, originally turned to
`customs` for the payment of the customs of
the commodities that had to cross the
bridge, subsequently has been center of a
convent of nuns and residence of Venetian
The villa, radically restructured, has a
surface of around 350mq on three levels
besides the garage, to level road, for two
places auto.
We find the entry (with portal in stone and
front door in wood and restructured glass)
to the ground floor, a great tavern with
original fireplace, ceiling in wood (with the
original beams), floor with `tavelle` in tile
recovered` and masonries in stones to
sight, suggestive area relax with
predisposition for Jacuzzi and reliquaries in
glass to floor for the vision of the
foundations in rock on which has been built,
the same sedimentary rock notably stratified
has also been recovered in one of the walls
of the zone relax) the ceiling is to `volte` to
get the best sonorous diffusion, bath for the
guests, great room turned to boiler room
and ironing.
An important staircase in marble and beaten
iron conducts to the first floor where we find
a marvelous 1500 loggiato characterized by
mullions in stone and windows in wood with
the original slides all recovered ones,
reproduced here the chests blue ceiling,
with plasters performed to hand in gilded
The room entertains an ancient `stube` of
Austrian origin, there is then a kitchen with
loft in wood that connects to the mansard an
ample external loggia, the floors are realized
with Sicilian tiles of the first ones 900.
In the zone there are threelerge rooms (with
floors in wood and white beams to ceiling)
with study and bath entirely realized with
black plates embellished by crystal
Swarovsky, double sink, spacious shower
and Jacuzzi.
On the second floor a mansard of 100mq
divided in two spaces by a great arc,
fireplace `bifacciale`, skylights with panning
on the Castle and on the tops of the
surrounding mountains, roof ventilated with
beams in wood and `tavelle` in tile.
The villa, wisely restructure, has two
hanging gardens with solar pavement of
around 300mq with the predisposition for
the insertion of a fountain.
The heating is partly to floor and partly to
To see!!!!
To disposition for a inspection, we
remembers that the negotiation directly
happens with the ownership!
Building Class D
EPI (energy performance index): 142.46
kWh / year
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Cison di Valmarino abandons him to the feet  of the Prealpis Trevigiane, between Vittorio  Veneto and Valdobbiadene, in an unique  scenery, wound and protected for good part  from the castle, the famous one  `Castelbrando` that is risen above the  country, offers spectacular foreshortening...
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