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The offer price includes as follows:

 fuel base in Koniczyn near Cybinka which includes buildings, installations and all the real properties with the land of the total area of 6.38 ha as well as all the documents required by law (land development plan, building permit with all the agreements, water system technical documentation and legal documentation, technical documentation, operating manual, certificates and approvals etc.)

 complete technical documentation including the building permit for: (decision no. 168/2000 of 28 December 2000) two tanks of 2 x 200 m3 for propane-butane gas in the existing fuel base in Koniczyn, Cybinka commune on the plot of land with the registration number 9/2.


The liquid fuel base in Koziczyn, Cybinka commune, Lubuskie Province is located approximately 20 km from E-30 (N - S) international route and circa 15 km from the border crossing with customs clearance for lorries. The base has an access road to the national road no. 275 Słubice – Cybinka.


The fuel base is located on the plot of land with the built-up area of 6.38 ha, and 7,248.70 m3 of that area are buildings and utility rooms.


Apart from handling and storage, the modern base also renders the possibility for mixing fuels. It is fully compatible with road and rail transport (railway siding and turntable) and it complies with all the environment protection requirements.
Free and non-built area and other facilities render the possibility of developing the base and extending the scope of business activity. The area of the base is fenced, internal roads are hardened and the rails with a railway turntable enable ca. 40 tank cars to park. Fuel base has a status of a tax warehouse and is supervised by the employees of the Customs Bureau. The facilities are monitored and guarded 24 hours a day by a local security company.


 production of fuel oils, based entirely on own processing
 production of light ends as a petrol component or a market product , e.g. for export or for production of solvents etc.
 fuel oil cross dyeing on a contract for services basis
 cargo handling, after the status of the production warehouse has been changed into production and warehouse depot
 heavy oil production from waste oils having obtained the consent of environment protection authorities
The plant carries out technological processes consisting in used oil processing with the application of the system that includes the following equipment:
 cracking pot
 distillation tower
 non-condensed hydrocarbon vapors after-burning system
 intra-operation and storage tanks
 mechanical equipment elements such as: pumps, valves, piping, power system for signaling operation (including computer hardware and software)
The process of used oil cracking is automatic and it is carried out within a closed cycle puter control system ensures constant process monitoring. In case of a potential failure of the system or power supply break, the system turns off automatically.


 over-ground fuel storage tanks: 6 tanks of the unit volume of 750m3 made of steel, cylindrical, with vertical axis, situated in two separate embankments:
- for fuel oil (two containers)
- for diesel oil (two containers) plus one tank for petrol in each embankment: universal lead-free, each protected with geomembrane
 underground storage tanks for fuel components: 8 tanks of the unit volume of 50m3 made of steel, cylindrical, with vertical axis, situated in reinforced concrete casing lined with geomembrane and filled in with sand and gravel
 fuel loading and unloading facilities for vehicles
 fuel loading and unloading facilities for trains
 installation for processing of used oils and petroleum products
 vehicle scales with a building
 rail scales with a building
 railway turntable
 pouring station for road tankers with a shed
 four independent stations for pouring fuels to road tankers (Oop ,ON, Pb, EU)
Each station enables pouring fuel from underneath and above. Fuel pouring lines are furnished with the most innovative technological systems for fuel quantity measurement based on the application of mass flow-meters and Petro Mount meters manufactured by Fisher Rosemount (Emerson Process Management-USA)
 approval of the Main Office of Measures
 fuel pump house with pumping engines of HD 126 - 1 U3B2 type manufactured by Desmi Rotan – Denmark with unit output of 50m3/h for pumping fuels, fuel components and mixtures
 fuel blending system with hydrodynamic blenders
 room with a low and medium voltage switching station as well as a separate control room for steering the traffic of technological equipment within the base
Applied measurement systems: fuel storage tanks 6 x 750 m3, component storage tanks 8 x 50m3, fuel pouring lines to road tankers and automatic fuel blending systems enable the operation of the fuel base in the operation and control room, full visualization of performed operations and their archiving as well as printout of relevant reports and data for invoicing, etc.
 tank for extinguishing water with the volume of 550m3 in a trench lined with a geomembrane, also for collection of waste water from petroleum products separators
 fuel pipelines
 water supply and sewage disposal system
 fire suppressing system
 internal roads system
 other elements of the fuel base infrastructure
THE SUBJECT OF SALE:    The offer price includes as follows:     fuel base in Koniczyn near Cybinka which includes buildings, installations and all the real properties with the land of the total area of 6.38 ha as well as all the documents required by law (land development plan, building permit with a...
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