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A safe investment for accessing European
The property is for sell/rent and is on an
area of 18000 m², and is composed of 7
warehouses (5 warehouses -840 m², 2
warehouses- 600 m²), and an 2500 m²
concrete platform The warehouses are
made from bricks, and are in good
location could be used for
production/industrial/stock aims and is
situated a few kilometers from Iasi (an area
with good human resource potential ), a city
with 315 649 inhabitants, located in north-
east region of Romania. Situated closely to
the East bounds of Romania , Iasi is a main
development pole of the East part of
European Union. Strongly University
Centre, with over 60.000 students annually
in 5 public Universities and 3 private
Universities ( University being one
of the oldest from the country). Strongly
Cultural Centre (`Cultural Capital of
Romania` saying frequently used) and
Historical Centre (in 2008 will be celebrated
600 years of Iasi documentary
attestation).The city is with an impressive
cultural and religious patrimony ; a
multicultural city , where numerous Foreign
Cultural Centers activates (French centre,
German centre, Centre of Latine America,
British Council) .
The property is located in an small industrial
area, 900 m away from an european road.
Near the property are a railway, two small
rivers and a big lake.
The terrain is fenced in, the accommodation
allows for sub-division into self-contained
units. It has three-phase electricity supply
(380, 280 kW), water, telephone,
international telephone, gas access, internet
allows for access and turning for
trucks, access transporter in hone:0040755889948,
A safe investment for accessing European  funds.  The property is for sell/rent and is on an  area of 18000 m², and is composed of 7  warehouses (5 warehouses -840 m², 2  warehouses- 600 m²), and an 2500 m²  concrete platform The warehouses are  made from bricks, and are in good&...
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