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  • TRY1,280,490
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  • Alanya
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The modern and 100% individually
decorated apartment on exclusive Dutch
design. The location of the apartment most
important recreation Alanya Mountain
Review KALE , close to the ancient fortress
of the Ottoman Empire, which is now a
major and often visited attraction for
tourists and visitors to this sunny city. From
all parts of the apartment can be seen an
excellent panoramic view of the fortress of
KALE , with a bedroom, living room and
terrace is the most expensive and most
often fototaken views of Alanya, which
includes the Alanya bay with a sea berth
and the lighthouse at the end of it , in
precise detail is visible to all Alanya and the
surrounding areas, up to the end .
Combination of the sea view, mountain
ranges and landscapes which boggle the
imagination from Alanya. The building
consists of only three apartments and
placed on a green and flowered place with
its quiet courtyard, pedestrian zone is not
filled with cars and pedestrians, so you will
have comfortable rest. The area contains
all the recreation establishments of Alanya
and haunted bay, which takes from his berth
Mediterranean luxury liners all this can be
seen both from its terrace enjoying the fresh
air, either in person stroll through the
narrow streets going down to places such
as popular among residents and visitors
The modern and 100% individually  decorated apartment on exclusive Dutch  design. The location of the apartment most  important recreation Alanya Mountain  Review KALE , close to the ancient fortress  of the Ottoman Empire, which is now a  major and often visited attraction for  &nb...
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