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  • Asenovgrad
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Asenovgrad (BG Àñåíîâãðàä) is located
near Plovdiv, at the foot of the beautiful
Rhodope Mountains and just 69 km. (37
Miles) away from Pamporovo (one of the
best-known ski resort in Southeastern

The city is a destination for religious and
cultural tourism. Around the city there are 5
monasteries, 15 churches and 58 chapels
(for which the city earned the nickname `The
Little Jerusalem`). Two kilometers from the
town, in Rhodope mountains is Asen`s
Fortress. The fortress has existed since the
time of the Thracians, and during the Middle
Ages was a main strategic point.

Outside of the town is „Òhe 40 Springs`
(Bulgarian: 40-òå èçâîðà) - hunting and
fishing resort. The climate is very pleasant
during the winter and cool in the summer,
which made the city and its surroundings
very attractive for tourism.

The southern part of the town is known for
its distilleries. Asenovgrad`s wines are
appreciated all over the country.

The town is famous for its numerous shops
for wedding dresses and many Bulgarians
come here in order to prepare for their
wedding ceremonies.

Due to its specific geographical location the
denizens of the town enjoy a breeze called
`âå÷åðíèê` (literally `night wind`).


Two bedroomed house with a superb
location in the heart of Asenovgrad (500 M.
(1640 Ft.) away from the center. Easy
reached of the shops, restaurants and bars
of main road Plovdiv-Asenovgrad-Kyrdzali.
There is a public transportation stop 20 M.
(65 Ft.) away from the property.

Construction type: brick

First floor 57.96 (624 Sq. Ft.): living room
with kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom with
WC. On this level there is garage for one

Second floor 99.82 Sq. M. (1074 Sq Ft.):
two separate bedrooms, living room, one
bathroom, corridor and spacious terrace –
36.96 Sq. M. (398 Sq. Ft.) The corridor
connecting rooms, stairways, entrance to the
attic and the terrace.

The attic area is 63 Sq. M. (678 Sq. Ft.)

The garage is connected to the house and its
area is 36.96 Sq. M. (398 Sq. Ft.)

There is basement below the whole house -
35 Sq. M. (376 Sq. Ft.)

The walls are painted with latex. Yard
buildings are cemented and need some
restoration. The joinery is wooden. Although
the house is from the 30`s, it is maintained
over time. During 2005 the roof was
completely restoration.

The property also has a wine cellar, which
has not been used for years. and it need
major restoration. The underground structure
was on two levels, each about 60 Sq. M.
(645 Sq. Ft. approx) and reaching up to four
meters (13 Ft.) deep.

The property includes a yard - 304.34 Sq. M.
(3276 Sq. Ft.), of which 135.56 Sq. M.
(1459 Sq. Ft.) represent buildings (summer
kitchen, summer bath, shed for wood and
others.; entrance to the wine cellar; space
that could be a winter garden - 44 Sq. M.
(473 Sq. Ft.). This room has two entrances -
one from inside the house through the
basement and one from the yard. At the
bottom of the yard there is storehouse for
industrial and manufacturing equipment.

The open part of the yard area is 168.78 Sq.
M. (1816 Sq. Ft.). Nearly 80 Sq. Ft. (861
Sq. Ft.) represent a beautiful terrace that
runs throughout the yard and it located on
the yard buildings. At the end of the terrace
there is massive shed - 8.96 Sq. M. (96 Sq.
Ft.). There are also developed three different
varieties of vine arbor, and two big fruitful
trees - male fig and jujube. In front of the
house there is two lime trees.

Asenovgrad is located:
11 km. (6 Miles) from Plovdiv Airport (at
which operates RYANAIR)
164 km. (88 Miles) from Sofia Airport (main
airport in Bulgarian capital city)
78 km. (42 Miles) from the ancient Thracian
city of Perperikon
221 km. (119 Miles) from Mediterranean Sea
288 km. (155 Miles) from Black Sea
M.:  --(Phone number)--     THE TOWN AND AROUND    Asenovgrad (BG Àñåíîâãðàä) is located  near Plovdiv, at the foot of the beautiful  Rhodope Mountains and just 69 km. (37 &nb...
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