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  • TRY762,198
  • (EUR 125,000)
  • Apartment / Flat
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  • Alanya
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The prices start from 125000 euro to
140000 and there are still apartments
available at north,southeast and northeast
parts of the n monolithic
apartment complex in the foothills of the
Toros Mountains, with stunning ponoramic
views of the Mediterranean Sea and the
Toros Mountains in the north, as well as the
look of Alanya in a distance. Two buildings,
this complex is situated not far from each
other and complement the entire ensemble ,
green area, with lots of amenities for a first-
class vacation in a cozy, comfortable to
ultramodern accommodations, such as the
Toros Çekeci.
Apartments are wide, with great potential
alterations to suit your tastes and desires,
wide hallways and spacious terraces, create
the impression of finding an apartment as in
the mansion which is great and so warm .
Construction refers to premium property ,
which reflects the many parts of the design
interior, thoughtful additional ideas taken
from the luxury hotels, to apartments with a
variety of plan types on the landscape of
Alanya and the Mediterranean . Among
happy owners there is a kind of balance
between European and Russian owners of
apartments in Toros Çekeci. Let your
dreams come true as long as possible,
Toros Çekeci provides you with your own
apartment in the frame area of residence as
a first class hotel of Mediterranean. All,
reliable and detailed information about our
contacts can be found under contact with
the owner.
In two blocks of this amazing complex, there
remains 40 per cent of the apartments on
different floors of the south-west, north-
eastern and south-east side, this means
that the apartments are available not only
on all floors, as well as with any kind that
you wish to contemplate, spending the
unforgettable holidays in Turkey .

We provide our customers with free legal
assistance and advice on all issues with
real can rely on us in processing
all types of documents, and resolve all
issues with purchasing any property of the
individual apartments or villas to commercial
real estate types.
We can help you promptly arrange Tapu, as
well as provide you with all kinds of legal
advice is absolutely free of charge before
and after the purchasing .You can fully rely
on our support in future issues that may
arise to manage your property, such as
renting lease, sale or renewal of your
property, including donative to other
members of your family.
To get acquainted with our many facilities,
we invite you to visit the area of Alanya,
without any cost to you. The only thing you
need is to buy your own ticket to both sides,
and the rest we take care of yourself, the
official meeting of the international airport of
Antalya and transfer to the immediate
location of the property acquisition, followed
by the deployment of our customers in a
comfortable apartment. These services are
all of us are absolutely free. We are always
happy to work for our customers, your life is
comfortable and beautiful - it`s our job. For
additional questions that may arise from you
regarding this and other proposals, please
contact us directly. We`ll be glad you and
your treatment.
In order to provide information to our extra
services to our customers, recognizing and
understanding many of the desires and
capabilities, we provide mortgage to
purchase any property in Turkey, on fixed
and oscillating percentage .We work in
that direction with our partners in the most
reliable banks in Turkey. all your questions
about this should be send to us, we are
happy to provide you all the details and
explanation of all the nuances of the
mortgage process.

The prices start from 125000 euro to  140000 and there are still apartments  available at north,southeast and northeast  parts of the n monolithic  apartment complex in the foothills of the  Toros Mountains, with stunning ponoramic   views of the Mediterranean Sea and the  To...
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