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Finca La Pastora. Citrus farm in full
production of lemons and oranges.
Total size: 557,000 SQM
Plantation size: 535,000 SQM
Fine grown-ups: 4,700 ft
Fine macrofila: 2,800 ft
Vernas: 3,700 ft
Grown-up navelina: 1,700 ft
Young navelina: 2,000 ft
Oranges Navel Power Summer: 4,600 ft
Watering facilities accomplished with
pumps, filters and fertilization devices
devices (4 sealed tanks of PE 2,000 litres),
automatics, distribution board and PH
control. Sectorized drip irrigation. Tractor,
water tank, suspended tank, assorted
machinery and tools. The property features
two buildings for storage of the tractor,
tools, fertilizers, etc.
Water supply from the Tagus-Segura
The property is a member of the Irrigation
Board El Grajero, with 3,185,000 cubic
metres for 686 Has total. The property
accounts with property & use rights for 20.7
Has and use rights for another 3,83 Has.
Pozo El Clarin, in Tabala, Zeneta: irrigation
rights for 19.5% of the water flow from this
well. This flow ranges between 165 and 185
cubic metres per hour, total 140
hours/month, about 231,000 square metres.
Irrigation pond, capacity 75,000 cubic
The property is free of debts.
Contact Ms Luisa Sanchez, tel
Finca La Pastora. Citrus farm in full  production of lemons and oranges.  Total size: 557,000 SQM  Plantation size: 535,000 SQM  Trees:  Fine grown-ups: 4,700 ft  Fine macrofila: 2,800 ft  Vernas: 3,700 ft  Grown-up navelina: 1,700 ft  Young navelina: 2,000 ft...
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