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  • €280,000
  • 2 bedrooms
  • Villa  2 bedrooms
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Did you ever believe you could exchange
your 2-3 room apartament with a real

Find out how right now! Just call me -
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Type 3 villa

Ground Floor + First floor (bricks, outside
insulation, roof shingles)
Ground floor: generous livingroom (with exit
to terrace), bathroom, kitchen, pantry,
closet, hallway, washing and ironing room
First floor: 2 bedrooms (with terrace),
bathroom, closet
Other: garrage (2 spaces), terrace 65 sq
Courtyard: 750 sq meters (including alleys
and green spaces) and cast iron fence
(height half a meter)

Price: 880 euro/sqm (No VAT)

Other anemities of the neighbourhood:

- own wastewater and water production
treatment plant.
- Natural gas hub (newly installed)
- Electrical energy hub (newly installed)
- Cable TV, Digital TV, High Speed
- Mobile and land line carriers
- Private road system with EU standard
dimensions, roundabouts, urban furniture
and paved walkways.

Did you ever dream of living 10 miles next to
Dracula? Or maybe just taking a vacation,
sharing a property, and living new
adventures in the land of lore, legend, and
incomparable beauty such as Transylvania,
Brasov, Romania?

Stupinii Noi is part of a romanian Ltd.
Company with only private capital, founded
for the development of the residential
market in Romania. It’s first project is
situated in the Braºov Municipality – the
cleanest and most green city at the very
heart of Romania, a country of the
European Union. Braºov is the Most
Beautiful City in the World.

The residential market in Braºov

The project followed some distinct principles
such as:
- urban discipline
- complete infrastructure
- safety and security
- the complete comfort of all owners

Distance to the center of Braºov city is only
6 km.
The acces to the residential complex is by
way of private road stemming out of the
national roadway. The infrastructure is a
key element as important as the Villas are,
everything being built from the ground up.
On our behalf all the anemities and the
access roads were and are a priority. They
have been built alongside with the villas.

The project
51 houses each with 750 square meters of
A multifunctional mall that will include
entrepreuners, fitness and gym and other

The Villas
There are 3 types of villas, the difference
betwen them being only the livable area of
each: the smallest one (Type 1) has 150 sq
meters, the medium one (Type 2) is 210 sq
meters and the big ones (Type 3) have 310
sq meters of livable area.

As far as the interior goes, in every Villa the
ground floor is reserved for daily activities
and the first floor has the bedrooms, the
baths and lots of closet space.

Keeping with romanian tradition, all the
houses are built out of good quality bricks,
insulated outside by 5mm thick polystyrene,
more than enough to keep you cool during
the summer, and warm during the winter.

The floor of the first floor is made out of
reinforced concrete. The roof is made out of
ceramic shingles, guaranteed to last 30

All the materials for interior finishings have
ben imported from European Union
countries, especially Italy.

Each house has it’s own heating system,
the equipments chosen being only the best
and most cost effective.

Also, an alarm system has been prepared
for every home.

We are ready for every client, setting up an
exposition with finishing materials, allowing
the future owners to decide and pick the
materials suited by their personal desires.

Every buyer that has studied the real estate
market her in Brasov can and will
appreciate that he will be able to live in a
clean, safe and with all confort assured
area. Any owner will be thrilled and proud to
be the owner of such a house and home, in
the residential complex of Stupinii Noi in

“We have worked hard at the ellaboration,
development and construction of this
neighbourhood. Now it is done! We have
placed on the map a new settlement and a
new residential complex: Stupinii Noi!”

Placement of the residential complex:

- 6 km to the city centre.
- 3 km to the commercial hub in the
north of the city ( nearby Paradisul acvatic –
the biggest covered water park in Romania,
Baumax, Dedeman and soon a Carrefour
- 2 km to the highway roundabout that
links the city with Bucharest, Moldavia,
Miercurea Ciuc, Targu Mures).
- 800 m distance to European Road 60
(E60) through which you can acces

Stupinii Noi was built to give you a villa, a
house and a home for a lifetime! Just 10
miles next to dracula!

The arhitectural harmony, the balance and
the quality of the products recommend our
villas to be suitable both for family, office,
and/or leisure and vacations.
Did you ever believe you could exchange  your 2-3 room apartament with a real  house?    Find out how right now! Just call me -  +40732500800 - ask for Alex and free Open  House!    Type 3 villa    Ground Floor + First floor (bricks, outside &nb...
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