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NOTE OUR SPECIAL OFFER ONLY UNTIL APRIL 12TH: The next owner to sign a contract for each model prior to April 12TH will receive a 6% discount from our standard pricing that is already very competitive with the current market. (As our Market Survey report will show you.)

Welcome to our Page for MONTAÑA PARAISO.

So you are looking for your next new home?

What makes a PERFECT HOME for you?

Here we provide our VISION as to what BENEFITS create the Perfect Home
If our views are similar then we have lots of interesting information to share....

An Incredible View to Die for
Abundant Green Spaces
Low Density
Security of Home and Person
An Intelligent Home Utilizing High Technology
Ecological Minded Home and Community
Healthy Lifestyle Amenities
Excellent Value for the Money You Invest
(read on for more specifics)

1. Views as a Feast for Your Eyes - You simply will not find a better view than our property in all of Escazu! As further benefits we also have excellent access, we are close to all amenities plus we enjoy near perfect temperatures that typically range from 18°C up to 28°C . We are in the sweet spot of elevations, never hot, never cold.

2. Spacious Tranquil Lifestyle - We are the exact opposite of most projects in that we have 80% green areas and 20% building coverage versus the reverse of that in other projects, making a perfect park atmosphere.

3. Room to Roam in Peace - Our project will have extremely low density with at maximum 120 people sharing 11 acres (4.5 ha) of land. This is a most unusual 4,035 square feet (375 square meters) per person maximum, hence it is easy to be all on your own when desired.

4. Peace of Mind & Security - You will never need to worry about the safety of your family and belongings as our property will be under the constant supervision of a smart fence that will advise the guard of any attempt to go over, under or through our high security perimeter. This same model of fence also protects many airports and nuclear plants around the world. All this without being ugly or obtrusive in our natural surroundings of green.

5. Safety of Family and Investment - Our homes employ the latest of technologies to keep you and your family safe as well as to ensure that the investment in your home is secure. You will operate efficiently with low maintenance costs. Our fire suppression system provides constant protection to you and your belongings. Our PEX pipe system delivers efficient water supply at lower cost and reduced maintenance costs associated with typical plumbing. Our fully insulated homes ensures you enjoy cool days and warm nights while eliminating any need for air conditioning. A Fiber Optics communication system has you in the lead with the latest communication capabilities at the lowest cost with very low maintenance.

6. Environmentally Friendly Community – We take every initiative to be at the leading edge of low impact housing by reducing our consumptions. LED lighting systems reduces your light bill by up to 95%. A solar hot water system will reduce your hot water costs by 90%. Our bio-filter water treatment system consumes less water and keeps our mountainside green at all times. All of these reduced living costs allow you to eliminate your mortgage years ahead of the normal. A complete recycling program for all household wastes will be employed.

7. Longevity of Life - Healthy Lifestyle facilities abound in the project to provide for recreation and extension of the residents` lives as well as social interactions. Non-chlorine, heated swimming pools, gym and 1.4 kms of walking trails assist us to live a longer active life with an improved lifestyle as we enjoy our peaceful and quiet mountainside park free of pollution, noise, traffic and city congestion.

8. Investment Value - Our entire project vision is driven to provide the maximum value to each owner. Between all our cost saving initiatives as well as building to a much higher than normal quality standard we avoid unnecessary and costly maintenance in the future. As a prime example our road system will be built to last 50+ years simply due to higher quality standards. We believe it is far better to do it once and do it right rather than over and over again thereby burdening the owners with unnecessary and ridiculous future expenses! Remember one critical factor is that we live here too so we want the same for our neighbours as well as for our own benefits.

Montaña Paraiso consists of lots from 2,150 ft2 (200 m2) to 1.75 acres (7,000 m2). This makes for perfect Country Living in an extreme low density (7% to 43% footprint) park like setting with many lots having incredible expansive views over the central valley. In fact we are about 100 stories above the bottom of the valley. Yet we are still very close to all the amenities of Escazu. Eg. 8 min. to Country Club and 12 min. to Multiplaza and 15 minutes to Sabana Park. You simply will not find any property with a better combination of view and good access to all urban amenities and services.

Various models are available starting from 1,485ft2, 1,808 ft2, 1,914 ft2, 2,800 ft2, 4,218 ft2, 4,584 ft2, 6,391 ft2 and 9,146 ft2 any of which will be CUSTOM BUILT to suit your needs. We do not build on speculation only by contract with an owner. All constructed to high quality International/ Canadian building code standards, which are way beyond the Costa Rican norm. You will be amazed when you discover the standard level of technology that you will receive as part of one of our homes.

For a full information package just e-mail us or give a call to ask for any or all of:

1. 11 Commandments to - BUILDING A 21st CENTURY HOME in Costa Rica. This is loaded with tons of surprising details of what to look for and be aware of prior to considering any purchase anywhere in Costa Rica. Learn the real rules to the game before you start to play.
2. Our Market Survey of Escazu and Santa Ana as of ,2012.
3. Full Size Photos of the property
4. Our Benefits and Features Summary
5. Site Plan of available lots.
6. Plans for each of our standard models
7. Our current price list....

For further details or to book a visit:
call 506-2100-1204 or cell 8503-9552

NOTE OUR SPECIAL OFFER ONLY UNTIL APRIL 12TH: The next owner to sign a contract for each model prior to April 12TH will receive a 6% discount from our standard pricing that is already very competitive with the current market. (As our Market Survey report will show you.)    Welcome to our Page for MONTAÑA PARAISO.  &nb...
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