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Salihleralti, Dikili.

We have had this house in 6 years, and enjoyed every hour we have been there. When we bought it, it was empty and a complete renovation should be done.

We had a private person, who was staying in the same compound, to take care of everything, so when we arrived for that summer, everything was as a new house.

The house contains a sitting room/dining room, kitchen and guest toilet in the main floor, where you have a large terraces on each side of the house, and with a wonderful view to the garden and the swimming pool.

All the floors are marble, and very easy to maintain, and a big Air Conditioning to cover the whole house with cooling.

We feel we have a nice place here, and despite that we have done so much inside, most of the time are spent on the terraces, where you always can find sun or shadow after your wishes.
In the sitting room there are TV with satellite and DVD. Those things are mostly used by our grandchildren.
On the first floor there are 3 sleeping rooms, two with 3/4 beds and one with two bunk beds. A nice bathroom with shower and washing machine.
On both sides of the house on the first floor, there are two terraces with a wonderful view to the garden, to the swimming pool and to the sea with Greece/Lesbos in the background.

Our little compound is placed very close to the beach, so if you want to go there, it is only 5 min. walk along an organic field with tomatoes and various vegetables. It tastes wonderful of sun.
You can also use the bikes, because we have 2 mountain bikes in our house.

Salihleralti is a very quiet place, where people are coming to relax. And this beautiful place is only 120 km from Izmir Airport, and only 10 15 km from two fantastic medieval towns, Dikili and Aywalik. From both places there are ferries to Greece/Lesbos/Mytilini.
About 25 km away there are a very famous town named Bergama with a lot of ruins from Roman times.
In 3 hours you can be at Troja and also around the same distance you can be at one of the 7 wonders, namely Effes.

As you can see, it is a wonderful place we have here. But we are now getting older, so we feel it is too much with 3 houses. This house, our private house in Denmark, and a wonderful summerhouse here in Denmark direct to the North sea.

So we have now decided to sell the house in Salihler to a price of EURO 70.000,- including everything in the house, but excl. costs for trading and papers.

If this have your interest, you are very welcome to contact us for more details.

Yours sincerely,

Doris Lau and Jens Oestergaard
Sdr. Lindbjerg 1
DK-7400 Herning

Mobiles: +45 28 77 03 21 or +45 51 24 68 98

SUMMERHOUSE FOR SALE  IN WONDERFULL TURKEY.  ON THE WESTCOAST NORTH OF iZMIR    Salihleralti, Dikili.    We have had this house in 6 years, and enjoyed every hour we have been there. When we bought it, it was empty and a complete renovation should be done.    We had a p...
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