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PROJECT - Nagpur City
I wish to bring to your kind notice, after the
glorious success of Anandpur Project, now
Nature Heights is leading towards
Agricultural project. This project is all about
agricultural land and organic farming. This
land is situated between the border of
Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. It
comes under the area of District Betul. It is
40 kms far away from Nagpur city, which is
largest city of Maharashtra. It is popular
tourist destination. It is famous for the
production of oranges. Now Nagpur is an
international city due to its MIHAN Project
(Multi Modal International Cargo Hub and
Airport at Nagpur. MIHAN is spread over an
area of 4354 Hectares.

This project is particularly based on organic
farming. Organic Farming is the form of
agriculture that relies on techniques such as
crop rotation, green manure, compost and
biological pest control to maintain soil
productivity and control pests on a farm.
Organic farming excludes or strictly limits
the use of manufactured fertilizers,
pesticides, plant growth regulators such as
hormones, livestock antibiotics, food
additives and genetically modified
organisms. Organic agriculture is a
production system that sustains the health
of soils, ecosystem and people.

We have registered approx 1100 acres of
agriculture land basically for the organic
farming of Aloe Vera, Safed Musli and
Wheatgrass etc. which we use in our parent
company, Nature Way.

Please allow me to give you following
proposals on Nature Farming :

1. You buy one acre (4000 sq yards) for Rs
5,50,000/- (Rupees five lac fifty thousand),
our company has option to buy back, if
customer wants, at the end of 6th year
company will pay back double, i.e. Rs
11,00,000/- lacs (Rupees Eleven lacs only).

2. You buy one acre (4000 sq yards) for Rs
5,50,000/- lacs, our company will take this
piece of land on lease from you for 6 years
and shall pay Farm Rent Rs 7,500/- per
month for 72 months and at the end of 6th
year, if you want to return this land to
company, you will get your 5,50,000/- back
plus you will get 1000 sq feet plot in our
Talwara (Punjab) free of cost.

We have started digging on 11 acres,
coming up with approx 750 flats comprising
of 1530 sq ft super area and 1400 sq ft
covered area (3 BHK) and 1330 sq ft super
area and 1200 sq ft (2 BHK). Selling price
Rs 48 lacs for 3 BHK and Rs 42 lacs for 2
BHK and can extend upto 5-10 % discount.
For bulk query, we can consider giving
15% discount also.

Payment is to be made in 8 quarterly
installments (every quarter). Advance 15%
at the time of booking, means at the time of
Agreement to Sell. Company will document
each and every thing.

Project in 135 acres comprising of
residential plots of 1000,2000,2500,3000
and 4000 sq fts 525/- per sq ft.
Independent houses in 200 sq Rs 30 lacs
and 250 sq yds Rs 35 lacs. Shall provide
read to shift independent houses.

Payment can be made in 6 years easy
installments of the total value of plot or

We have 1143 acres of land and are coming
with University, Golf Course, Unihomes and
Township. Company has launched Rs
1,75,000/- for 1000 sq ft (around 4.5 marla)
residential plot. Have plots of different sizes
like 1500 sq ft, 2000 sq ft, 2500 sq ft, 3000
sq ft, 4000 sq ft and 5000 sq ft. Prices will
remain i.e. Rs 175/- per sq ft.

We have independent houses built up in
200 sq yds for Rs 30.00 lacs and 250 sq
yds for Rs 35.00 lacs.

Payment can be made in easy yearly
installments 25% of the total value of plot
or house.

Now, you may choose any of the options as
per your choice. In case you still have any
query, kindly let me know.


R N PURI, Area Manager, Nature Heights
Infra Ltd., DSS 188 Sector 21,Panchkula
Email: , Cell
nos.+ 91 92160 25222, + 91 81466 55675

PROJECT - Nagpur City  I wish to bring to your kind notice, after the  glorious success of Anandpur Project, now  Nature Heights is leading towards  Agricultural project. This project is all about  agricultural land and organic farming. This  land is situated between the border of &...
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