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Attention contractors! Direct riverbank offer in Budapest/Soroksár.
Soroksár is the Hungarian capital’s XXIII. , on the southern part, quiet, suburbian district.
Our offer includes two neighbouring property (can be bought separately and together as well).

1. 1904 sqm grassy plot, can be built in, in 25%

2. 11514 sqm plot with ancient trees, can be built in in 15% for institutional purpose (private hospitals, apartmanhouse, hotel, home for elderly peoples, etc can be built).
850 sqm mansion like one floor building wich needs to be renovated, that served as home for the elderly people so far. The house was built in the 1930s. In the 330 sqm cellar a lavatory is in operation up to now as well.
The real estate has own boat-house wich needs to be renovated as well.
The fastest way to approach Soroksár: get on the local train (HÉV) from Vágóhíd, or with bus.
With car it can be approached through 5 highway’s junction on M0 road. The international airport on the M0 road is 20 minutes away.
The district because of it’s advantageous berth it became attractive to investors, big commercial trade marks, international stores’ basis was planted here.
With perfect infrastructure, cultural life, pleasure possibilities, the closeness of the Danube, Molnár island assures comfortable lifestyle for the ones living here
Price: 295 MFt (Seperately: 45 MFt + 250 MFt)
EUR: 962 000 (146 750 + 815 250)
USD: 1 298 000 (198 000 + 1 100 000)
(RUB: 40 391 230 (6 163 000 + 34 228 230)
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