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HUF98,074  Plot of land Bã¡cssz�`l�`s

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Attention agrarian investors, farmers!

In the south of Hungary near the Serbian border, in Bácsszolo`s a 3800 sqm (3,8 hectare) V. qualification field is for rent!

(Two areas:

1. Csikéria periphery, topographical no.: 030/10, 822 nm, 26.60 Golden Crown area’s half;

2. Csikéria periphery, topographical no.: 036/24 2676 nm, 82 Golden Crown area’s half.)

The village lies 8 km from Bácsalmás near to the south border. It can be approached with bus through the 55104 service road in between Bácsalmás-Csikéria.

The area’s soil is sandy, appropriate for grapecultivation, fruit, grain, flower cultivation. The citadel of the plain wine production was here in Kunbaja-Bácssz�`l�`si Economy.

On the rented land triticale and wheat cultivation is still in operation. (The hybrid from the triticale and wheat cross’s significance increases worldwide and it is cultivatedin 4000 hectar!)

Field’s renting price is: 50.000 Ft/ 1000sqm (50.000 Ft/hectar/month)
EUR 315/month
USD 424/month
regional map bã¡cssz�`l�`s