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BGN2,934,302  Investment Veliko Turnovo

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Location of

the property

The hotel complex is located in a picturesque and environmentally clean area of the Elena Balkan- Ravnovo

village, Zlatarica municipality. Guaranteeing the cleanliness of the region are three 500 years old oaks, two of which are

located just in front of the complex. The village is 5km from Zlatarica, 25km from Veliko Turnovo and 25km from Gorna

Oriahovitca and Gorna Oriahovitca air field, to which a chartere can be made. The village is water-supplied and electrified.

An asphalt road leads to the estate.
The location of the hotel complex, the stunning nature and the clean air make it

suitable for the development of village and holiday tourism. The Veliko Turnovo region is well known for its rich historical

heritage, making it suitable for cultural tourism. The cultural and architectural landmarks, the museums and the

architectural complexes are quite numerable in the old capital of Bulgaria- Veliko Turnovo, which is situated between the

historical hills of `Tsarevetc`, `Trapezitca` and `Sveta Gora`. The architectural reserve `Arbanasi`, which is included in

UNESCO`s list of world cultural heritage, truly impresses with its houses and churches in the style of the Bulgarian national

revival from the 16-17 c. The historical reserve `Nicopolis ad Istrum` near the village of Nikiup is interesting. `Nicopolis

ad Istrum` (translated from Latin as `The city of victory of Danube`) is an ancient roman city created by Emperor Trajan

marking his victory over the dacians. The fortress Rahovetc, dated from the second Bulgarian kingdom, is located near Gorna

The monasteries in the region of Veliko Turnovo (Preobrajenski, Plakovski, Kilifarevski, Merdanski,

St.Troica, St.St. Peter and Pavel) have been preserving the Bulgarian spirit and tradition for centuries.
Just 12km away

is the city of Elena, where you can experience the traditional Bulgarian rituals and traditions in a traditional environment.

The fans of the mountain and pedestrian tourism there are many tourist paths, which reveal the charms of the profound nature

of Stara Planina. There are ski tracks and ski related machines, which create perfect conditions for winter sports, near the

village of Mikovtci and Chumerna peak. The fishing enthusiasts can catch fish just 15km from Ravnovo at the Iovkovtci dam.

2. Description of the Estate

The estate has a total size of 28 000 square meters, from which 2400 square

meters are regulated. A hotel complex is built in this region with a total size of 1300 square meters. It is comprised of a

central part with two wings.

-The Central Part has three floors
-The first floor has:
+Café-bar with 20

seats and a summer garden with additional 60 seats.
+Two separate rooms for the staff
+A compartment for the

central heating with a warehouse for fuels.
+A covered entrance towards the inner yard with high entrance gates.

-The second floor has:
+A V.I.P. apartment.
+Four hotel rooms with balconies.
-The third floor has two

tourist sleeping rooms.
-The west wing has two floors
-The first floor has a restaurant on two levels with 80 seats

and a summer garden with an additional 100 seats, a bar, a kitchen and a tavern with 20 seats. There are fire places in both

the restaurant and the tavern.
-The second floor has four hotel rooms with balconies.
-The east wing is filled

entirely with hotel rooms.

There is a wine cellar for cooling of wines just under the west wing of the hotel.

total number of tourist rooms in the hotel is 42, as every room has its own toilet and bathroom. The hotel complex is built

entirely as a monolithic construction with modern materials. There is an external isolation and PVC windows. The heating is

A swimming pool and a summer bar with 200 seats are expected to be constructed.

The rest 25 600 square

meters are arable land, on which a complex of villas, family houses, other structures or infrastructure projects can be

constructed or accomplished.

Location of    the property    The hotel complex is located in a picturesque and environmentally clean area of the Elena Balkan- Ravnovo    village, Zlatarica municipality. Guaranteeing the cleanliness of the region are three 500 years old oaks, two of which are    loca...
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